[TC] Looking for: RP guild, active on nights.

[TC] Looking for: RP guild, active on nights.

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Posted by: Nasulo.5408


Hey there.

In short, I’m looking for a (hopefully populated) guild on the Tarnished Coast that is mostly active on nights. I’m not really particular about timezones, (I’m on EST) and I tend to play on weeknights (weekends being more of a wild card). I’m mostly looking for RP and OOC guild chat, but I’m a huge fan of this game’s PvP system, as well as running dungeons, so I’m really not ruling anything out here. I really would just like to meet other friendly, mature people who are active players.

Hope to meet some of you in game soon.


Also, If anyone is interested, my main is a level 76 Charr Engineer named Ureng Tannek. He should be 80 fairly soon.

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