[TC] Looking for guild

[TC] Looking for guild

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Posted by: Teevell.1684


I’ve got a couple of 80s and I’ve been playing casually since the game came out. I like PvE and PvP (not WvW so much, didn’t like the endless zergs). My favorite parts of the game are those massive events in Orr, friendly dungeon runs (I’m pretty sure this game wasn’t designed for running CoF path 1 a hundred times a day), and hanging out with people.

I’m basically looking for a guild that enjoys actually playing the game together, is social and mature. I don’t want a guild that only does planned events, or where the guild chat is crickets. It’s just been a little disheartening to join a guild and see that, whenever someone asks if anyone wants to come do a dungeon, or hang out in an area of the game, no one responds.

Anyway, send me a whisper or post/message me here, I’d love to make some new friends.

Tarnished Coast

[TC] Looking for guild

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Posted by: mabufu.9415


Hi! We’re recruiting at Serenity & Scars, and it sounds like you might like us (cos it definitely sounds like we would like you)
We’re all about guild chat (and mumble, if you are so inclined), running events and dungeons together, and mostly just having fun playing the game. We’re mature (but a bit silly at times hehe).

You can check out our recruitment post here

It has a link to our website! I’m an officer, so feel free to PM me with any questions.

Suileann – Human Thief
Serenity and Scars [SnS] on [TC]

[TC] Looking for guild

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Posted by: sambombe.8603


Hi there friend,

We are a small/friendly/casual guild from Tarnished Coast [TAV], and we can help you in whatever you need.

We usually use our guild to run events and help people through out the servers and everywhere, from missions to dungeons, to maps, etc.

We have many alliances with other guilds to do that.

If you want to join us or just play with us, just add me and we talk ingame.


Our site, if you want to know more: tavola.enjin.com