Whiteside ridge LFGuild

Whiteside ridge LFGuild

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Posted by: Krayt.9832


Hey chaps

After a long stint playing solo in a small guild that kinda didn’t take off after all, I’d be interested in hearing from any guilds on Whiteside ridge, that do all the PVE stuff and perhaps dabble in PVP and WVW as well.

Mainly looking to do all the dungeons and fractals going in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Let me know on here or ingame

Whiteside ridge LFGuild

in Guilds

Posted by: sambombe.8603


Hi there Krayt,

We are a small/friendly/casual guild from Tarnished Coast [TAV], and we can help you in whatever you need.

We usually use our guild to run events and help people through out the servers and everywhere, from missions to dungeons, to maps, etc.

We have many alliances with other guilds to do that.

If you want to join us or just play with us, just add me and we talk ingame.


Our site, if you want to know more: tavola.enjin.com