Guide: Meatless Murderer on Warrior

Guide: Meatless Murderer on Warrior

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Video: (skip to 0:52 for the start of the fight)


Basics: 0/20/20/0/30, PVT armor/w melandru runes, Zerk everything else. Dual maces + GS.

The build should look familiar to people who PvP a lot because it’s essentially a modified Axe+Shield/GS stun warrior. The difference is that it uses mace offhand, chiefly because the 1200 range stun is more useful in this fight (and has a shorter cooldown than the shield stun). Weapon sigils are optional, though Paralyzation/10% damage on stunned foes is best for this particular build (it is probably not necessary to switch sigils on your weapons if they are already DPS oriented). I use Melandru runes but if you don’t have those you could probably take lemongrass soup to reduce cripple duration.

Signet of Fury is on my bar if I need an immediate 30 adrenaline for the mace F1 stun, though I did not use it in this fight. It could probably be replaced with shake it off or balanced stance/dolyak if you want a stunbreaker.

For this fight, you will to use your Mace 5, Mace 3, and Bull’s Charge to deny Chomper the first 3 meats (which you will eat). After this, you should be powerful enough to kill him in 1 Skull crack + 100b/frenzy rotation. Finishing off Strugar is easy afterwards.

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