"Help others beat Liadri" Club

"Help others beat Liadri" Club

in Queen's Jubilee

Posted by: keenlam.4753


Hi all,
Just thought i create this thread as a networking hub to help people group up in game helping one another to beat Liadri. I’m aware this might be redundant given there are already LFG tools on the internet and in-game.

So if you’re comfortable with it, you can reply and follow the format to share your contact information in-game:

Character name:
Play time (in PST or GMT):
Goal: could be any of the following
- to beat Liadri with/without 8 crystals achievement
- help revive
- coach, give useful tips and tricks, build advice, etc.
- buff others before fight
- or simply just interested in a casual chat, watch or cheer your fellow players while waiting outside

Feel free to provide extra information but please refrain from saying anything negative. Thank you

I’ll go first as an example:

Character name: Sharon Florence
Server: Eredon Terrace (US)
Play time: ~7.00am – 11.00am (PST) (I live in Australia -_-)
Goal: help revive, casual chat, cheer, exchange useful tips.

Thank you and be an angel.

"Help others beat Liadri" Club

in Queen's Jubilee

Posted by: Szamsziel.5627


Just one comment – for a time being you may help also with arena setup – fighting earlier, leaving fiery greatsword on the field and if fighting with the “Meat guy” – the meat also stay for some time increasing dps.