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Liadri Slayer Club

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Posted by: Nick.6972


Post here if you’ve won the battle against Liadri.
Which profesion, weapons and traits, your thoughts on battle – exiting, boring, bad, too hard, rewarding etc.

I managed to win her today both with my Guardian and Thief.

Guardian 0/0/30/30/10, GS/Staff.


Thief 0/30/20/20/0, Shortbow/ Pistol/Pistol.

Took me around 40 attempts to win.
Overall, I think the battle is not that hard if you memorize the pattern of the AoEs and I would surely love to see more content like this in future.

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Posted by: Esplen.3940


First clear:

20/20/5/25/0, GS+Sword/Pistol
Base clear.
Second clear:

20/20/5/25/0, GS+Sword/Focus
8 orb (Light Up the Darkness)

Somewhere between the two clears, I figured out a pattern and could “zone” a runthrough up to the 5th orb toss. This was done by going to the same arena every time (for me it was the northernmost one), because each arena has different spots where the circles of light appears, but they will always appear in those spots in that order.

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Posted by: woomera.9841


Great fight overall, not that hard if you aren’t doing any achievements. The dome is stupid place to fight tho, the camera angles are the hardest part. Don’t know if Anet did that on purpose ^^. Would like to see more PvE content like this cause I hardly ever play PvE nowdays.

Spec and gear can be seen in the video. Good luck everyone!

GW2 Necromancer (Power Reaping) PoV – Liadri The Concealing Dark In 1min 46sec:

[DYE] Guild Leader & Commander Gandara EU
W Oo M Era Fo Sho // Guardian

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Posted by: Iplaytokill.1674


Mesmer using GS and S/F with Air Runes + Mender’s Purity + Null Field + Mirror for Healing+Swiftness.

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Posted by: Victory For Kittens.7806

Victory For Kittens.7806

Ranger using GF for orbs & shortbow for pewpew, fully berserker + vigor food + quick zephyr, hunter signet & light reflex. 30/25/15.

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Posted by: ClockworkOrange.1659


Just did it. Took me around 40 tries.
0/30/0/30/10 Thief.
sword\dagger for killing cosmic thingie in phase 1
pistol\pistol for phase 2

She is not that hard, if you know the patterns and have +endurance recovery traits\food. I agree on strange camera angles being the hardest part. Overall, i enjoyed the fight. It’s a nice change from usual zergroll bosses.

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Posted by: Fortus.6175



Over 100 tries, 40 gold spent.

Zeal; II, IX, XII
Honor VI, II, XI

PVT/Zerker mix

Shout Scepter.Torch/ Staff. Meat and Winter Vegetable Meat (30% endurance)

Staff for p1, scepter and focus p2, use torche 4 active, 5 when she is close. Auto atatck. Use shouts to convert cripple and weakness into swiftness and might.

“stand your ground” “retreat” “Save yourselves”, Renewed Focus. Time these. Aegis will heal you, shouts convert condi into swiftness, dodges heal you. SAve dodge only when you need them. TIme Renewed focus so you get to sue the active virtues, they provide quite the DPS and sustain needed.

[GoM] Gate of Madness Server Elementalist|Guardian
Legendary SoloQ

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Posted by: Miku.6297


Mesmer: 0/20/0/20/30
Zerker gear: sword/focus, GS… Ether feast/blink/feedback/mirror image/haste

rabid gear

scepter/dagger, staff, consume conditions, spectral grasp.

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Posted by: Navzar.2938


S/F Elementalist, 41 tries, 10/0/0/30/30 PVT armor with mixed knights/zerker trinkets.
Signet of fire, lightning flash, mist form. Trait: burning fire, then typical condition cleansing and EA build for the rest.

Part 1 is easy. Part two wasn’t as bad once you start running in a circle, but time was an issue. I used long term burning to make up for the time I spend dodging instead of fighting. From there it was pretty much just hoping you don’t mess up and make efficient use of your condition cleansers and dodging endurance.

Spent too much money on tickets I didn’t end up needing ><

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Posted by: Lolicia.6502


Necro: 30/20/0/0/20
armor: carrion/rabid
weapons: scepter/dagger staff
skills: consume conditions, signet of spite, blood is power, signet of the locust, flesh golem
food: endurance regen
tries: 20-25?

Overall a hard, but enjoyable fight, and I enjoyed the comaraderie of the dome.

Sabetha Sylvanshade, Sylvari Necromancer
Beatrice The Bloody, Norn Engineer
Gate of Madness

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Posted by: Heizero.9183


Thief, like 40 or so tries using 0/30/0/30/10 Shortbow and Pistol/Pistol

Commander Unyielding Shadow – Human Thief
Champion Shadow
Better Luck Next Time [BLNT]-Sea of Sorrows

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Posted by: Erzmagier.7851


Mesmer, Staff+Sword/Pistol, 20/20/0/0/30
Blink, Mirror Images, Nullfield, Hounds of Balthasar
Full Zerker Gear

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Posted by: Sandman.7019


Ranger 30/30/10 zerker gear (runes all over the place, not fully set up yet) Sword / dagger for the orbs (plus an 2 extra evades is really nice, though i never used them) and Shortbow. dagger offhand gave a few stacks of bleed and cripple to keep her off me in phase 2 while i used shortbow for kiting, cripple, and dazing to keep her at a distance. Utilities i had were sig of the hunt/stone and sharpening stone. Though i think it would have gone smoother with a little change on those. I used sig of the stone to give my pet some time to survive as it does a lot of damage to her, and pretty much just tried to stack as many bleeds as i could since the LB wasn’t cutting it for me.

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Posted by: Enmity.3428


Warrior, Greatsword and Rifle, 30/20/0/10/10, full Berserker.

Greatsword (Whirlwind) for evades in Phase 1.
Rifle for circle-strafing/kiting in Phase 2.

In the end, (after about 50+ attempts,) that’s all it took. That and well-timed dodges.

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Posted by: Absconditus.6804


Did it with Guardian, Celestial gear setup, Staff and Scepter+Focus. Full shouts build, traits that typically goes with that, 0-0-30-30-10. Kept losing to her, or rather the timer, at 2-3% left of her health because of the lower damage that Guardians have and the timer being too short, but scraped by at some point.

Hated the fight, still hate it, didn’t even make me happy to finally kill her. It’s a terribly designed battle arena, when the camera is less than useful and, me being color weak, not being able to even see red circles what so ever on that flooring (can’t believe that hasn’t been hotfixed yet..). The fight itself is not bad mind you, the arena it takes place in is. Ironic when the developer has Arena spelled out in their name.

Working on my last achievement which is the 8 orbs and kill Liadri one, using my D/P Thief now, Berserker gear, Celestial trinkets, 0-20-30-20. Hide in Shadows (stealth), Signet of Agility (oh snap endurance refill panic button), Shadow Refuge (stealth), Scorpion Wire (pulls Visions into light fields to make fast orbs to throw at Liadri) and Thieves Guild (used right after third orb has been tossed at her).

Basically taking use of stealth by trying to do Cloack and Dagger as soon as a orb to throw has been created (also use Cloak and Dagger to kill the gravity orbs that pulls you around), so that I can pick it up while a bunch of visions is nearby (don’t explode if you’re stealthed) and/or giving myself some time to breathe and throw the orb without too much hassle. Still didn’t get it done, but that’s mainly because of the terrible arena design and these circles being invisible to me. I keep stepping a few steps too far to the left, too far to the right, clouds fall down on my head and I’m dead. If I at least could see the circles, the horrible camera wouldn’t be such a huge issue.

Vella Absconditus | Human Mesmer
Seafarer’s Rest

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Posted by: tanya.8472


I have finished all Queen’s Gauntlet achievements. Spent a lot of time. Ton of tickets.

Liadri = Engineer bomb heal. Walk around kill her with confusion. Use condition gears
Guardian bunker build + staff. Retaliation is a key.

Understand Liadri patterns are more important than build. Good luck.


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Posted by: Ram Banson.4081

Ram Banson.4081

Killed it with fire!

Just kidding, killed i with my full berserker static discharge Engineer



Blùb [LuPi]

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Posted by: TyranosEH.3768


Class: Warrior
Weapons: GS and Rifle
Armor: Full Berserker
Traits: 30/30/0/10/0 (Get the Rifle Piercing Trait!)
Skills: Healing Signet, Shake it Off, Balanced Stance, Prayer to Kormir, Signet of Rage
Food: +40% Endurance-Regeneration (I ran out of food at the beginning of the fight, so it’s possible without it)
Tries: With this build 1 try, about ~20 with close combat build I tried first.

This build certainly isn’t perfect and I did a lot of mistakes like didn’t time my dodges when she jumps on you but I managed it to beat her with it first try. In P1 try to whirlwind through her when you get to the white pools to build adrenaline. P2 should be quite easy if you kite her in the middle and always use Rifle #2 on cooldown. If She’s on very low health and you’r about to die use the healing signet to survive and finish her.

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Posted by: Mckeone.9804


To the random guy in overflow who spent two hours last night coaching me through the fight, here’s to you chief – I finished her off this morning!


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Posted by: Crovax.7854


Warrior, 3rd try after switching to 15/10/0/30/15 and gs/lb

endurance signet- shake it off- endure pain- signet of rage

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Posted by: Essence Snow.3194

Essence Snow.3194

Warrior 30/30/0/10/0

Heal signet, On my mark, Endurance signet, Shake it off, Signet of Rage

It was a horrible experience due to camera angles, obstruction on orbs, and insta kill on clone spawn. Not fun at all and I will never repeat it as long as those issues remain. The bit I don’t understand is that those issues are glaringly evident from the moment one steps foot into the arena…..why were they not brought up?

Serenity now~Insanity later

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Posted by: Auesis.7301


Thief. Did the 3 orb and 8 orb version with 2 slightly different builds.

Both Full Carrion with Sigil of Energy + Agony P/x + x/D:

3 orb
Signet of Malice, Caltrops, Refuge, Signet of Agility, Thieves Guild

8 orb
Withdraw, Caltrops, Scorpion Wire, Blinding Powder, Thieves Guild

Took me about 20 tries for each version of the fight, took me a while to get used to a rhythm.

I’d like more fights like this.

Gnome Child [Gc]
Resident Thief

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Posted by: Lue.6538


mesmer: 15/30/0/25/0
sword/pistol scepter/sword
feedback, signet of inspiration, blink, hounds of balthazar

14 tries alltogether.

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Posted by: Metion.9541


Beat her with my guardian.
Standard 0/0/30/30/10 build (full berserker gear).
Scepter/Focus + GS.

Took me about 20-30 tries. I farmed all the tickets.

Now I am happy with my new beautiful mini
… And I guess I am in the club now :p

Edit: Of course without any buff or food. Would have been way too easy if I used them.

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Posted by: KrisHQ.4719


Switched my sword for a random scepter with a fast 30/30/10/0/0 build.
Like every boss in gw2 kiting is the way to go. I might face her again melee only, since I felt like I cheated in a way.
And of course like any honorable player I won without any foodbuffs.

Lysis Kawahara – D/D Elementalist
Zaphiel Faires – DPS Guardian

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Posted by: A Massive Headache.1879

A Massive Headache.1879

I killed liadri with my engineer, knights gear (best armor I had) with 30/10/0/30/0, whatever the old hgh grenade build was; however, I did the rest of the guantlet with my guardian. I will be trying the 8 orbs of light achievement with my ranger or warrior though

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Posted by: FrostAntler.9123


Warrior 25 times

30 10 0 0 30 full zerker gear lyssa runes

rifle, sword/warhorn

Just keep running clockwise and kite her to death

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Posted by: Arty.4270


Asmotheya, guardian human with Greatsword and Hammer with Shelter for stand-and-deliver block of AoE, Save Yourselves, Stand your Ground and Hold the Line and Renewed Focus elite, in full zerg armor with Power/Precision/Crit dmg ascended jewelry. On about 12th try, previously trying with Scepter/Focus etc, didnt work for me at all.

Edit: no food involved (no point, vigor caps your endurance regeneration…)

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Posted by: Edewen.8304


0/0/20/30/20 Guardian, zerker gear, using greatsword phase 1 and scepter phase 2

Greatsword to faster pull mobs and trun them into the light thingies.

Scepter kiting around room in a circle.

The complaints are unfounded. It is doable by ANY class with a ranged weapon and a melee weapon. Best fight to be introduced since release with the exception of the blind mechanic requiring you to edit video settings.

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Posted by: Moka.9641


10/20/0/30/10, Engineer, Rabid Gear, Condition build, P/S – Elixir S,Tool Kit, Bomb Kit. – perma swift and perma vigor. Tool kit to pull visions into the light thingies. For phase 2, kiting around the room in a large circle and let the condition do the work. I used #5 Bomb, Big Bomb and #2 ToolKit to slow down the visions.
. Took me at least 50 tries + 3 tries when I switched to condi.

I liked the boss in general and the challenging stuff, but I didn’t really like the pulling orb. I thought it was a bit random. I also didn’t like the camera angles. Sometimes if you go around the edges of the arena, the camera zooms so much that it makes it hard to see anything.

[AW]- The Holy Engineer

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Posted by: Chewablesleeptablet.3185



Condition Build.


Fire and forget burning and poison .

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Posted by: Bambu.4270



Some wannabe condition build with rare condition gear.


Scepter and dagger (afterwards I think maybe focus be better choice actually)

FRUSTRATING, too much random visibility issues and requiring to use cheap tricks like always picking up the npc boon and forcing to change build to something you have never played before.

That’s progress. Hooray for progress!

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Posted by: Gemini K.8529

Gemini K.8529

10/0/20/10/30, Longbow+Sword/Warhorn
Knight’s armor/Zerker trinkets
– Got Light Up the Darkness.

30/0/0/30/10, Pistol/Shield
Full Rabid Gear
- Cleared it about 6 or 7 times regularly.

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Posted by: Despire.5862


3 orb kill as a warrior. (4 tries)

30/25/0/0/15 <— Can be played with
GS/rifle <Both zerker> (traits aren’t exactly suited for this setup or even the fight really, but Crack Shot for rifle CD reduction)
Mostly zerker gear with ruby orbs. Knight’s Chest, Legs, helm. Cavalier Accessories.
Healing signet // signet of stamina/shake it off (or balanced stance if you want)/Endure Pain // Signet of Rage
Phase 1 using GS for the dodge on skill 3, easy hit on orbs.
Phase 2 circular path around the dome using rifle. Your DPS is really high so don’t worry too much about damage as much as surviving… but of course keep up the DPS when you can. Endure Pain in an “oh kitten” moment. Watch your dodge bar, switch to GS and spin if you need the dodge. Pretty simple and quick.

8 orb kill as a guardian. (7 tries)

Basic 0/0/30/30/10
Valor: IV, V, XI
Honor: II, VIII (Can be swapped), XI
Virtues: I (These 10 points can be allocated elsewhere, such as Zeal for a bit more damage. I was just lazy and didn’t want to respec from my dungeon build which usually uses VI for consecrations.)
Scepter/shield // Staff <All Knight’s>
Knight’s armor with full soldier runes. Zerker trinkets.
Signet of resolve// Stand Your Ground/Hold the Line/Save Yourselves //Renewed Focus
So learning from my fight with the warrior, I found that the only thing that made the fight tricky was the cripple/weakness that Liadri kept spamming on me. As a warrior our condi removal options are minimal at best, thus all the traits and gear for condi removal.
Try to keep from using your heal as this is another source of condi removal. Stand your ground is your stun break or pull-negater, depending on your reaction times. Hold the Line I generally used for instant cleanses, but all three of your shouts can do that. Save yourselves if you need either more swiftness or vigor, as a condi removal, etc. Your elite is your “oh kitten” skill.

Throughout the fight, you want to make sure you’re attacking at least something to try to keep vigor on at all times. Save Yourselves gives you some more vigor to stack with your vigor on crit as well as some other really awesome boons. Dodge is really important in this fight! Also, if you get cornered by more than one clone, tagging them will cause you to instantly rally. Keeping a cool head is the most important thing in this fight.

I started phase one with scepter/shield. Instantly coming in, use skill 2 on the orb that spawns. Use auto attack on the clones that spawn (always attack something)! shield 5 if you need to pick up an orb that another clone is standing on. Pretty basic stuff on the first phase.
Second phase, you’re mainly using staff. Keep your auto attack going at all times, trying to hit Liadri mostly but if you can hit the clones too, do it. Your main priority is staying out of the circles. Getting the clones to the light pools comes second. Stakitten (or even swap to shield for the pushback) if you need clones or Liadri to stay in place while you pick up or throw an orb. Staff 3 when you can; swiftness can save your life. Rotate shouts as you need to cleanse your conditions. Save Yourselves comes in handy this phase for added swift/vigor. Once you get all 8 orbs thrown down, you’ll want to focus on killing Liadri. The weapons I chose aren’t made for burst as much as they are for sustained damage and control, so making sure you keep attacking throughout phase 2 is really important. That being said, switching back to scepter can give you a bit more damage by immobilizing and using scepter 2. If all goes well, you should be able to down Liadri with enough time on the clock.

Main thing to keep in mind is to stay calm, learn from your mistakes and keep trying. Best of luck, and have fun!

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Posted by: Logi.5612


Warrior, after dying 10 tries with my regular mace/gs wvw build, switched to my wvw condi build and killed it after 3 tries:


Currently in EU – [Au]

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Posted by: RedSpectrum.1975


Thief 20/0/30/20/0 SB P/D HiS, Caltrops, Sig of Agility, Shadow Refuge, Thieves Guild

Shawtell, Zen Verani, Rayshia Howen, Iyado, Colace Nzoir, Arteel Fyrien [Teef]

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Posted by: Teva.2807


Thief 0/10/30/30/0 JUST shortbow for shadowstep and cluster bomb aoe burst. Stealth whenever hp is low and tons of endurance regen with endurance regen signet. Took me 5 tries to beat her.

Thieftix- Crystal Desert [CLAV] Commander (Aka sexiest thief on CD >:])

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Posted by: Odin of Ark.4860

Odin of Ark.4860


Condition Necro, used spectral walk with Lich form. Lich form got her to about 25% then i melted her down with bleeds/poison.
Used signet of Spite and Locust.

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Posted by: SamIsPro.7285



Axe-Dagger / Staff


Signet of the Locust / Blood is Power / Signet of Spite / Lich Form

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Posted by: Yojimaru.4980


Elementalist 0/0/20/20/30 S/F condition build, using a mix of rabid gear (from temples because I wasn’t about to waste money on making a full carrion set) and two carrion pieces, some ascended trinkets that weren’t really suited for condition damage and a valk/berz weapon set. I didn’t keep track of how many tries it took, suffice it to say that many a ticket was spent.

As for the fight itself? Not fun at all. The people who enjoy this kind of stuff must be masochists or something. Ridiculous one hit kills, bad camera for anything other than a Human, Asura or Sylvari (I was a norn), cosmic rifts that spawn with no real pattern, being killed by clones that didn’t even touch you, hard to see aoes and the moments when you pick up or throw orbs where you can’t dodge. I will never stomach getting into the ring with that wench again! My only solace is that I finally had the satisfaction of wiping the floor with her smug face!

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Posted by: Waar Kijk Je Naar.8713

Waar Kijk Je Naar.8713

Warrior, 20/20/0/0/30 zerker, Greatsword + Longbow, Heal Signet, Signet of Stamina, Endure Pain, Kick, Signet of Rage. +40% dodge food.

67 attempts.


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Posted by: guardiaN.1640


Guardian 0/0/30/30/10 for easy and hard mode liadri

hard mode took me around 30 tries :/

used scepter+shield, knights armor +soldier rune, zerker accessory

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Posted by: Coldin.2840


Thief, 10, 30, 0, 30, 0. Dual pistols. Withdraw, Shadow Refuge, Roll for Intiative, Shadow Signet, Thief’s Guild.

Mix of gear, but mostly Berserker or Valkyrie stats. Just lots and lots of kiting once hitting phase two, using vulnerability and bleeds to keep the damage high.

Coldin – Thief – Sanctum of Rall

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Posted by: Cymric.7368


Beat her today on my mesmer ~70 tries.

20/20/0/0/30 basically my wvw shatter build with no modification. Berserker trinkets, p/v/t armor with -condition duration runes and mango pie food.

Utility skills are Mantra of Resolve, to cure cripple and weakness, decoy, stun break and stop her clones for a few seconds, blink, very useful in general for getting out of danger.

First stage using sword/focus, sword for to reliably kill the orb and #2 to save endurance against the AoE. Second stage using greatsword for the range dps and kiting.

Advise for anyone trying to kill her:
Memorize the phase 1 pattern, yes orbs are still random, but the more things you got memorized, the less things you have to worry about and react to.
In phase 2, if kiting her in one direction doesn’t work, try kiting in another direction. For some reason, I started off kiting in anti-clockwise and failed many many times. Then randomly I like clockwise and suddenly its super easy to keep out of the AoE even without dodging. I don’t know why but it works for me.

Two main issue with this encounter. The camera and the lag cause by the zerg below. These 2 issues might not be the main obstacle preventing ppl from completing this challenge, however, removing them will make ppl feel that they are given a fair chance instead of artificially penalized.

1 hit kill mechanics is cheap and lazy design. The main problem I have with it is that it devalues a lot of the mechanics in the game. Protection, regen, toughness, vitality, weakness etc are all rendered useless. Damage is king and that makes for a disappointingly shallow game.

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Posted by: Denial Of Service.5732

Denial Of Service.5732

40 ish tries War- 53 tries Mesmer

Did it as a Mesmer

GS/ sword-focus


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Posted by: Tasslehoff.5738


~45 tries by necro


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Posted by: Doggie.3184


Well I finally beat her using a condition spec someone posted earlier.
P/D (2 Carrion pistols with 10% bleed duration. 1 Dagger with Energy Sigil.)
10/0/20/20/20. Carrion Armor and some random apothecary and rabid ascended junk I had laying around.
Signet of Malice, Thief Guild, Refuge and Signet of Agility.

Basically concentrated majority of my focus on moving in a nonstop circle leaving caltrops everywhere and using vital shot and shadow strike when possible. I aaaaalmost died at the end when the orb grabbed me but 1 downed dagger killed her.

I also lowered settings and got myself into the most deserted overflow possible where not many people were farming. This fight would be so much less frustrating if the arena was in it’s own instance zone. And of course, remove the top of zone since the camera hates it.

I don’t know how many tries I did. Somewhere around 70-100.

| Fort Aspenwood (NA): Sylvari Daredevil Thief Main: All Classes 80. |
Please Remove/Fix Thief Trait: “Last Refuge.”
“Hard to Catch” is a Horrible and Useless Trait. Fixed 6/23/15. Praise Dwayna.

(edited by Doggie.3184)

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Posted by: Gloam Drifter.9158

Gloam Drifter.9158

Roughly 100 attempts with various classes (mesmer, warrior, necro) was just way more comfortable with necro so kept at it and eventually got it.

My build:

2 (hemophilia), 4 (terror), 11 (lingering curse)
5 (shrouded removal), 7 (greater marks)
1 (fear of death), 9 (master of terror)

Consume Conditions
Signet of Spite
Spectral Wall
Signet of Locust (REALLY need this little bit of extra speed here)
Mistfire Wolf (it will die quick but short summon and has a chance to do something, otherwise plague since it can take down vortexes).

Used bowl of orrian truffle and meat stew and master tuning crystal. Exotic carrion armor, ascended rabid trinkets.

General strategy is to use staff to keep her chilled and feared. When she is far away you swap to scepter and bop her until you can switch back. If she jumps at you use the dagger to transfer the cripple back to her. Just keeping her at a distance and unable to close was what did it.

The fight has some serious problems:

  • The camera
  • Skill lag. I Had a very very hard time getting signet of spite and Deathly Swarm (which is often a clutch action).
  • Generally bad framerate due to where the arena is.
  • I feel like the vortex orb things that pull you in are a bad design decision since they are somewhat random where they will appear. It makes it hard to get a good strategy due to these things.. comes down to luck a lot.
  • I wish aNet could make a ‘hard’ fight without resorting to either huge health pools or insta-kill..

I don’t know what I think quite yet.. its not a good/fun fight but I definitely feel stoked that I beat it. I wont be doing it again though. It also caused me to mess with my skills and traits which I think was a good thing.

Lagg | Cat Six | Lögg | Heqx | Frame Loss

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Posted by: Fox Soul.4809

Fox Soul.4809

Warrior. Full zerker with ascended jewels. GS for evades on 1st and 2nd phase. Rifle for DPS in 2nd phase. Use fear me, Endure pain and frenzy for a dps boost.
Traits: 30/25/0/0/15
Need around 290 tickets for beat her… I played with 8-12 FPS.

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Posted by: DarkWasp.7291


Ranger 30/30/10

SB+LB | HP regen food | Muddy Terrain for extra crip

LB barrage channeled for 1 sec takes out orbs. LB also has a pushback and fairly good damage on rapid fire while waiting to swap back to SB.

Roughly 20-40 tries, seems to be the going pattern.

Winning round went very smoothly, all other rounds were rocky at best. Just got my head in the zone I guess.

^ Uses Guild Wars 2 character screenshots for desktop wallpapers.