In The Future (TM Summary)

In The Future (TM Summary)

in The Origins of Madness

Posted by: Zehkari.6839


Would it be possible to design achievements that don’t fully rely on other players?

The content was good, the TM event was fun, I just didn’t like how I couldn’t finish the achievements to dodge attacks when all I got was other groups on other regulators failing.

I waited it out until the end, giving people time to learn the tactics. Over the last week I have done at least 2-3 of the same event a day to try and get the achievement, but have not had the luck in getting the last one.

What did you guys think of this living story?


In The Future (TM Summary)

in The Origins of Madness

Posted by: Elrey.5472


It was challenging, fun, and definetly worth playing. The acievements, though, were perfect for a permanent world boss. The exact amount of challenge needed to keep people trying and trying all over the months.

The problem of marionette going away is the wrong part. Marionette should be permanent and then the achievements could be eventually done. Besides that i did all achievements in the first week, aiming for them was easy. Aiming at the very end of the event is problematic.

Final personal stats: 27 marionettes killed. 48 marionette server wipes.

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In The Future (TM Summary)

in The Origins of Madness

Posted by: Kalarchis.8635


The twisted Marionette was fun! For a week or two. Then players on my server started showing up later, and later, and later, and an increasing number of new players each time, and we couldn’t beat it for the life of us. I gathered all the regulars to the event; we were there almost every night. Yet people kept failing on Warden 3 again and again and again without improvement.

I’ll miss the event but at the same time I’m relieved to see it go. Even with wurm, when we don’t decap a head the reasons why are typically obvious and we make definitive and noticeable improvements the next time. But with Mari…there’s just too small of a margin of error on the platforms. Too many times I saw chains fail at 4/5 with people banging their heads against the wall because there was nothing we could do about that final wiped platform.

The idea was great and the boss was fun. It’s just…we needed ways to help other platforms. I understand that there were technical issues preventing that this time. Fix those issues. No one likes feeling helpless, especially when they know kitten well how much they could help.