LF OXCish time Guild Missions

LF OXCish time Guild Missions

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Posted by: BentReds.3781


Hello, I am living in S. Korea for the next year. I hope I don’t sound like a elitist but just want to explain exactly what I’m looking for. A guild that has all missions unlocked, is organized, starts them on time, has people who don’t need to run to every WP, has fun but stays focused (does not take 1.5 or 2 hours to get around to completing).

About me: I have done missions since they were opened. I know each one and will be a asset. I am currently in my old guild still and cannot rep 100% of the time. I will only be available for the next year. I will be here to help with anything or anyone during OXC time. I usually am with current guild for wvw pushes. At the end of the year I am going back home and will be back to my normal playing time. I am on JQ but can guest to any server for GM’s or anything else besides wvw. I pve 21k+ achievements, pvp lvl 60 and counting so can contribute more than just GM’s. Please consider my circumstances and help me not to miss GM’s for this next year, Thanks! Jeff