Dark Brown Weapons to Match Character

Dark Brown Weapons to Match Character

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Posted by: IsaacMolotov.9675


Fellow Norns,

This is purely a cosmetic question.

So I have a bit of an appearance dilemma. I am very fond of the Norn armor look in this game. I am level 33, and have money saved up for my t1 Norn heavy cultural armor, the “Dolyak” set. I have bought the “midnight rust” dye, which I believe is one of the darkest brown dyes you can get, and I plan on dying the entire set (besides the metal pieces) midnight rust. I’ve previewed it, and it looks great. It looks like I made my armor out of a dark animal hide. The only problem is, I do not know which weapons are going to match this set.

I have been searching through many of the different weapon gallery pages available and none of them are as dark as midnight rust brown is. For the sake of consistency, I was going to use the Norn weapons (the ones you can get off of the TP, NOT the T2 cultural ones) but all of them are very light tan/yellow and don’t match the set at all.

For reference, here is the set of armor I am talking about:

The color is going to be much darker brown than that. Here is midnight rust:

Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to use a completely different looking weapon set, but It seems I have no choice.

Thank you!

Dark Brown Weapons to Match Character

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Posted by: Sayuri.9541


I did some research and the following sets seem to be close to the color you’re looking for:

- Bandit
- Legionnaire
- Modniir
- Aureate
- Darksteel
- Orrian

Specific weapons:
- (Axe) Jaws of Death
- (Sword) Chain Sword
- (Shield) Tiki Totem Shield Skin

Hope that helps ~

Dark Brown Weapons to Match Character

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Posted by: Gaebriel.3754


I think that the overall look of a weapon contributes more to a matching appearance than the exact colour. Even if the colour might not be exactly the same, a weapon using strips of leather, feathers or other such ‘savage’ decorations looks way more appropriate on a Norn than for example a Charr style weapon. I don’t know what kind of weapons you’re using, but for example a Bandit Demolisher (my example here is a hammer, since Norn with huge hammers are awesome) looks excellent.

Actually I think the T2 set (also available on TP, called Norn) looks great with dark brown, since it’s mainly a contrasting silver/steel. But the Norn symbols, feathers and decorations make it fit very well.

You might also like the Godskull weapons, some are nice while others might be a bit too much skull. As mentioned above, some Etched, Bandit and Modniir weapons also look very nice, though then again it depends on which ones you want, since I think some of them look a bit -too- savage.^^ There are also various weapons which look like they’re covered in ice (contrasting, but looks great with dark browns), though I think most of them are high level ones. Hope you find this helpful!

Dark Brown Weapons to Match Character

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Posted by: Mesket.5728


Aureate weapons are the best for norns in cultural IMO.

You will have better options at 80 from some rare skins.

What weapon do you prefer?

Zerk is the average Joe build. Don’t pat yourself in the back too hard.

Dark Brown Weapons to Match Character

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Posted by: Mr Pin.6728

Mr Pin.6728

Have you looked into the new amberite craftable weapons? They are dark brown and if you are okay with bugs kind of go with the whole reverence for the wild Norns have going.