SAB review

SAB review

in Super Adventure Box: Back to School

Posted by: Serophous.9085


So, the second installment of SAB is coming to a close. What was a April fools joke that became a hit, well….didn’t live up to the expectations that well a second time around.

First off, when SAB came out, it seemed like a very good and fun joke. We had a fake commercial to watch, the browser game, and SAB itself. It really seemed like they were going all out with this prank. And it was fun.

Now, with the Back to School, that’s all it was. Just ’here’s SAB! More levels! Umm…bye!" And we were left with it. No commercial (seriously missed the chance there), no browser game to go along, nothing. Really, the PR for it this time was just, gone.

But, now on to the mode itself. First, the good.

Tribulation mode was a good start. Now it feels like an oldie game. You got easy, normal, and hard modes to choose from. Fine by me and all thats needed.

Weapon skins – Yes, good. I love the SAB pistol, now that is fun. And getting different colors for doing different modes? Also a plus. Now, I take it armor is next…? wink wink

Sadly, That’s all I can think of that I liked. I was really disappointed in this installment. It didn’t feel like the same fun I was having before.

Level length – TOO LONG. Holy crap. I know the first levels were short, and level two was to be longer. But this…with so much jumping added, was just TOO LONG. It was just more tedious than fun.

Achievements – Ok, I got my title, yes, but mostly taking the cheap and easy ones to get. I didn’t want to, but when I started working towards the collecting all baubles, I threw up my hands and said screw it. I looked at Dulfy’s video guide, and with that even sped up, it took 45 MINUTES! If I had followed that guide, in normal time, what? An hour? 2? 3? I did w2-2 achieve, and that even pushed me to the edge. Just…no. This was horrible. I wanted to cry. The levels were WAY to long to make this achievement even worth it.

Backtracking – Okay Anet. Even in old 8-bit games, back tracking WAS. NOT. FUN! I mean, running around for all the baubles, especially in w2-2, was a pain. Go near the end, but don’t touch one gate, if you do, you are screwed from getting your achieve. Now, go ALLLLLL the way back to the shortcut eagle (gods help you if didn’t choose infantile mode). Make that jump to him, cause if you don’t, welp, back to the most recent checkpoint and run ALLLL the way again!

Bauble Bauble nerf – So, basically running alts through SAB is useless now. I know, people abused it before with creating a new character each time to keep getting baubles, but so what? They were just used for skins! Who cares?! Let people farm it for their characters!

Collecting baubles for items – Basically, want baubles for the new stuff in w2? Farm w1! Cause there are barely any of those things in w2 to even help you acquire the items!

The good and bad – The SAB lobby. It was a good idea, but turned sour when you realize you are the only one in the lobby after the first week, cause everyone else either quit or gave up on the content.

To sum it up. Once I got my title, I just quit SAB. It wasn’t fun anymore. It was a pain. Not Battletoads pain, but a pain.

w3 needs to have shorter than w2, but a bit longer than w1. I understand that the levels are to get longer, but this was too much.

Undo the bauble bauble chest account bound. Its not needed. The requirements already are high enough with needing fifty and gold. Nothing more.


If you aren’t going to add enough baubles to really pay for the newer items, then why the huge increases in cost? Don’t raise the prices so much if there are like only 13 baubles in a zone.

I’ll come back to SAB when installment three is here, but if its worse than this update, I won’t even care for the achievement.

SAB review

in Super Adventure Box: Back to School

Posted by: AJP.8610


I have to agree with you on all the points you made. The first installment of SAB was fun, nostalgic and not tedious.

The second installment, however, I’ve not even bothered to do. I did all three zones to get the “Academic” achievement and thought “Sod going through all those zones again!” ANet have completely drained the fun out of it. Normal mode should not be hard. Tribulation mode should be hard. I found Normal so excruciatingly annoying that I didn’t even bother going for all the achievements and never stepped foot in Tribulation mode.

I hope World 3 is longer than World 1 but shorter than World 2 or I simply will not bother the next time SAB comes around. Funny thing is… I used to bother about all the Living Story achievements but it’s getting to the point now where I simply cannot be kitten d.

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