Charr Gladium father storyline issues

Charr Gladium father storyline issues

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Posted by: Siadea.3950


When I selected an ‘honorless gladium’ as my father figure, I was… well, I was expecting an honorless gladium as my father figure. Instead I get a mesmer (which: cool) in good standing, who may/may not be a traitor? And THEN he goes on to BECOME either a gladium or dead, either way. Still, definitely not as advertised!

Furthermore, the reason I let him go was because he hinted, strongly, that something treacherous was up, possibly with Emer, and things weren’t as they seemed. The fact that he was allowed no visitors, even family, seemed like a strong indication that something WAS up.

Then it suddenly became about loyalty to your warbandmate???? And I KILLED Emer??? And assaulted the Adamant Guard????? And MY tribune, who I would imagine is fond of me, seeing as I saved her bacon since I rolled Ash, isn't involved in this at all???? The Iron Legion tribune has nothing to say about me stealing the prison key from his office?????? And *I'm* not being tossed into the Bane barehanded????????

just… what? w h a t ?

This isn’t too hard to fix, either! Have Vallus give us a quest to go find that evidence he mentioned, rather than we go on and do a million unlawful things and get no punishment for it. Then we have the evidence, maybe kill Emer because she's been secretly evil the whole time or whatever, and we know WHY everything turns out OK.