Claw Island Follow-Up Balthazar Transormation Problems

Claw Island Follow-Up Balthazar Transormation Problems

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Posted by: ZetaStriker.9142


Hi, just mentioning this because I found it a bit frustrating. I’m playing an Asura Engineer and picked the Priory order for my personal story. I did the Claw Island event, and in the story mission after that I was transformed into a giant to combat the undead horde. This boosted my stats nicely, but I quickly noticed two problems.

1. The big issue is that my toolbelt skills disappeared . . . and I had a med kit selected as my heal. This effectively left me with absolutely no way to heal during the fight, and led to a death and retreat as I had to change some skills around on my character. The developers obviously thought healing skills were important enough to the gameplay to make them mandatory from level one, and so losing my heal that way was very frustrating and definitely made the game not play as designed.

2. This one was a minor issue, but still important. For melee, even with the knockback and interrupts, the giant form was weak. Being an Engineer, I still had access to weapon toolkits in my utilities and was able to change to bombs. My attacks as a giant did 300-400 damage, while my bombs did 800-1200! This is an even bigger difference than the damage comparison of my rifle to my bombs, meaning the giant form’s melee is weaker than a ranged attack. I think it needs to be made more powerful to reflect the strength of the form. I’m also unsure if I should’ve been able to even use toolkits while in this form, given how it was forced over my normal weapon skills and even removed my unique class features. Either way, the giant form was unsatisfying.