Question for the Devs: More PS in 2014?

Question for the Devs: More PS in 2014?

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Hi! I have a question for the Anet Devs: Are you guys planning to release a continuation of the Personal Story during the 2014 year?

I’m one of the gamers who play for the storyline, and the PS doesn’t feel as if it is finished. Now that I’m near the end of the PS, I feel as if there isn’t anything else. The Living Story (LS) doesn’t fill the need for a good tale in the way that the PS did. (Okay the Halloween 2013 story did have my attention for awhile, but the other LS stuff doesn’t have much of a storyline from this new player’s POV. If you need to know, I started GW2 back in October 2013.)

I’ve done the dungeons but one needs to have read the book, Edge of Destiny, in order to be emotionally involved in the situation. FYI— I’’m one of those people who have to care about and be emotionally involved with the characters in order to care about what happens to them.

Fractals may be interesting but there isn’t much of a storyline associated with them. It’s as if the dungeons are designed for power players and min-maxers not story players like myself.

It’s going to suck if I have to retire this MMO because there is nothing else to do. I really love the characters I’ve created, and I would love to see them go on more adventures.

Just so you Anet people know — If there aren’t any new stories for 2014, I’ll be force to retire this game. The other content in this game is too reminscent of MapleStory and other penny-a-dozen Asian MMOs, and it isn’t enough to keep me playing GW2.

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