Questions about my Story (Contains Unmarked Spoilers)

Questions about my Story (Contains Unmarked Spoilers)

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Posted by: MrEpsilon.3480


Before I start my little rant, I would like to say in advance that I do love the game, and actually starting another 2 characters so I can level with my friend and stay at his level when logs off by leveling another

I do have a few points that I would like to make and maybe someone can give me some closure into what happens.

Basic information here: Human Noble, Missing Sister, Balthazar, Vigil, Hytek.

1. Where on earth did Lord Faren go?
I mean, for a support character who is supposedly your best friend, I would of thought he would of at least appeared someway along the Pact story line with the plot of "Couldn’t let you have all the fun so I joined up ….. Order now, now we can kick some dragonkitten together, thunder buddies for life "etc…, because he was really up for adventure when it came to saving citizens of Divinity’s Reach from the Bandits, and after that I only saw him once where you could pick him as your 2nd against Minister Zaemon, but I would have thought he’d be weak so I went with Logan.

2. What happened to Deborah after I rescued her?
“Yay, I’ve found my only family that went missing for years, we should catch up, introduce back into our noble society, you should meet Faren, he’s changed a lot since then, maybe I could hook you two up…. Wait, where’d you go?”
Yes she comes back right near the end, but 1-2 quests and gets shipped back to Divinity’s Reach, I felt like she should of been in a bit more of it.

3. What about the other personal story options?
Yes I know that I didn’t pick the “Never found out what happened to my parents” option, but surely they could of been written in, even if it was for that personal story quest when Faren gets himself kidnapped from your party, and vice versa, if I was to supposed to pick the “Missing Parents” option, surely I could still have my sister who could of been a part of that particular part of the personal story
It starts off with you receiving that letter from the White Mantle, you could then inform said sister that someone has information about them, so she comes along with which in fairness would of made that fight a hell of a lot easier seeing as she a member of the Seraph as well, just started this story with my thief and it is stupidly hard, because she apparently appears near the end anyway, no matter what race/option you pick anyway.

4. Was there any reason for us Humans to pick a God? I mean, it was supposed to affect your personal story somehow right? No story about becoming an Avatar of Balthazar “Note, Awesome skill in GW1” or forging a weapon with his fiery rage imbued into it or anything? I mean they all have a temple in the ruins of Orr minus Kormir who’s temple still belonged to Abbadon back then, Could of had another story quest there finding a relic from the old gods to add defeating Zhaitan.

5. What happened to Forgal?
I think by now we all know what happens to him, he sacrifices himself to hold back the undead so you can escape Claw island, I was half expecting him to be a mini boss before you take on the dragon, yet no cigar, and then right near the end, when you are fighting the Sovereign Eye of Zhaitan, it mentions Forgal being under the wings of Zhaitan, admitted I had a moment of thinking “OMG, he’s coming back, I will put you back to rest my friend” but no, nothing, was really disappointed not to know what happened to him and was half expecting him to perhaps being a mini boss in the Arah Dungeon

6. Where did I get this Krait Orb and who is Apatia? Apparently I found this “Water Orb” which can stop undead from coming back and one of my subordinates Apatia was left behind so we could get away, the quest I did before was blowing up a risen ship. Was this orb in the ship and when it was blown sky high, did it land in my hands or something?
Also, I never even met Apatia who was supposedly my partner and had a deep connection with, so deep infact, we had time to go back to Hoelbrak and tell the rest of the Norn about her legend, speaking of which, why didn’t I do the same for Forgal???
I can’t remember now, but was she in the Vigil, I mean that would make sense as I picked the Vigil, but I was never introduced to her until I was told that she needed rescuing.

Apart from this, my story was really enjoyable and am looking forward to my next one.