Come in, we'll kick you out! Royal Terrace?

Come in, we'll kick you out! Royal Terrace?

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Posted by: Jaymee.1560


I hate making posts that seem like I am complaining too much, but, lmao…. okay…

Royal Terrace Pass… awesome little object we have right there, leads to a very very VERY useful place.

Problem: Obviously we all do now have just one character that can craft everything.

So in come, okay, we craft one one toon… then have to run to the bank, put the pass in the bank and log on another character whom we specifically left in the Terrace, who at the moment of log in, that lovely little guard at the gate just kicked us out. So then we have to run all the way to the bank to get the scroll, just to get back IN the terrace, lol.

Okay okay okay…

So, what if, for those of us who have the scroll, who bought it, can just account-wide access to the Terrace without having to run back and forth and click then get kicked, then log out, then pick up the scroll again… yeah anyway… that for those of us who bought it, that it is on how account record THAT we bought it, we don’t have to run back and forth like idiots getting that scroll just to use it?

I use to be a Ritualist and a Paragon in my former life…