Guild Boosts/upgrades

Guild Boosts/upgrades

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Posted by: Rizalee.4593


I’m not sure if this has been said or suggested before, but would you lovely Devs please consider making all the PvE Guild Boosts have the same time duration (perhaps 3 days for each one) like all the WvW guild Boosts have the same duration?

As a guild leader its very troublesome to to manage guild buffs when they have different durations. For example, my guild would love to be able to, on Friday morning, activate all the guild’s buffs for the weekend, and not have to worry about them for the weekend.. as it is.. to get our guild buffed up for the weekend, we would need to build Two Gathering boosters, one magic find booster, 3 kill xp booster, 3 karma boosters, and 3 gold boosters.

So my question is this.. Can we make managing a guilds boosts and upgrades just a little bit easier? Make them all last the same amount of time… So guild leaders can focus less on what booster needs to be built next, and more on playing?

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