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Posted by: Zemarca.6218


I was reading the Flameseeker Chronicles about housing and really really enjoyed the idea one of the commenters had based of of LOTROs housing:

“The system was realistic in the idea that some games will not have completley open housing system. Instead, the game had clusters of player houses called Neighborhoods, that it could just repeate again and again.

The idea of neighborhoods was great – housing was still instanced, but you could be together with friends / family / guild. The ’hood could offer services and such, to make your housing more than just a personal thing, but a community building tool.

What it didn’t have, and where gw2 could expand, is bringing more activities into the neiborhood. Leaderboards that can be filtered down to the neighborhood, bandit raids (or other guild mission acitivies) that happen in the neihborhood.

The ideas are endless really… but the idea of it is, housing does not need to be just a instanced singlular player thing that becomes dull after some point and only used for storage."
by damarus9

This got me thinking about animal crossing and how fun it was to find items to put in your house and even interact with some of those items.

I thought this idea was worth putting in suggestions if and when the devs get around to house. (Look at what you could put in the gem store for housing items!!!!!)