Keyboard Bind Options

Keyboard Bind Options

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Posted by: Shanzookie.6947



So far I am having a horrible experience in the games (support & ticket) system for this. It is very Sub-par. The issue is, I always custom set my keyboard binds to the same set up I have used for ages,. But while I am pressing my run key, and click on your attack options (the icons that say 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) and Left-click on your mouse on those attacks, it starts posting the action in to chat.

Yes my run key is left Shift, There should be an option to change what key you use to post-click items into chat, to only do while chat is open. say like ctrl+click. and the Response from the Help-ticket group was to send me this long detailed route of doing a game diagnostics which had nothing to do with a design flaw in the games controls systems. Apparently it is common practice not to read what he users issue is, and just generate a response to basically put it in someone else’s hands.

My standard keyboard binds for (ALL) games are as fallows
Forward = Left-shift
Backwards = Z
Jump = X
Crouch = C or Alt (not needed in this game)
Left Strafe = S
Right Strafe = D

As in most games I do not use control key for anything, and I am subject to believe I think most people do not. But either way there should be an option in out key bind configurations in the options menu to change the (post to chat) shift+left click to some other key.

Sad thing is, the chances of anyone that can do anything about this reading any of this or the ticket I had original sent will be in the odds of 100,000 to 1. So that turns this post into a rant rather than a cry for some real support and a simple change in the game’s key-binding options.