More Proofs of Achievements, Not Just Titles

More Proofs of Achievements, Not Just Titles

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Posted by: Rainiaxe.6298


Hello ArenaNet! First of all I want to thank you all for bringing this amazing game! However, I realized something that can be improved in this game, that is the “achievement rewards”.
I have talked with my guildies about how can this game be improved and we all agreed that this game has to have more stuff that let the players show what they are and what they have achieve.
Until now, all I can think of are the achievement armor skins, weapon skins, living story item and titles. But that is not enough, achievement armor and weapon skins are related to achievement points, which means no matter what you have accomplished, you reach that point, you get the skin. Living story skins are definitely a well done, when I walk around with my kitten “gas mask”, people will say something to me like “man, I wish I could’ve done dat achievement!” That’s it! That is what we want to see! But still, those items are too common or too easy for us to obtain.
What we need is something that can prove the outstanding player that they are actually outstanding. For example, the achievement “Realm Avenger”, it is definitely one of the hardest achievements to complete, but what we get from completing it? Nothing but a title, if others don’t pay attention to it they couldn’t even notice!
What if there is actually an unique armor piece, or even armor set for those players who complete the “Realm Avenger” achievement? Players will definitely be more willing to join WVW and play and it will also make the game more “alive”.
That is all I have to say, we want more proofs of achievements, not just titles.

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