My list of suggestions

My list of suggestions

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Posted by: Aderic.6028


Raise the loot quality for certain events (like world bosses)
It seems at though most chests are linked to the same RNG system, giving us the same odd crap (no offense) for doing things like jump puzzles. World bosses give better loot, but usually not by much.

Make dyes account-wide
You guys did this with the wallets, and it was brilliant! I don’t believe this would hurt the game in any way. It certainly wouldn’t be hard to do. I have a celestial and abyss on my first 80, would be nice to not have to buy it again.

Dynamic weather
This is something I would LOVE to see come to life! You guys are already capable of fluid weather transitions, I’ve witnessed it.

I think this is very personal to me, but I like the ideas of mounts, and the removal of waypoints. (I would leave that out of this list because I’m sure ALOT of people won’t agree with me.. but I felt like adding it anyways. I like traveling and seeing the nice environment.)
If mounts aren’t a good idea here, then how about WvW?

Nerf some of the bosses/mobs, or add a difficulty level
I know alot of people here probably won’t agree with me, but since I started playing this game (about a year ago now), the biggest tactic I see is stacking. The spider in AC for example, everyone does this to bug the AI out so it doesn’t spit poison, this is not good gameplay mechanics. Some parties ask for warrior/guardian only, which I also think is really bad, the stacking that people do also serves as a disadvantage to light/medium wearers who can no longer range. Get with the program or get kicked from the group.

Add more unique models to the game
There’s a lot of gear in the game (even 80 gear) that makes use of the level 1 models and textures.

Add an addon/modding system
We still don’t have the power to do small things like have custom GUI skins, or custom sounds.

Add a slider for special light effects
The game has so many effects overlapping that playing as a medium armor Thief (where dodging is critical) against many bosses makes it impossible to even see when they are charging up for an attack.

Further optimize the game
My system will still drop to 13fps in world boss events when there’s a lot of players. (Adding the slider for special effects would also help out here). I know I’m probably a lot better off than most people in this category, but it seems my system should do better with this game.
My system specs (if you’re interested)

CPU: i7 2700K @ 4.7Ghz
RAM: 8GB @ 2133Mhz DDR3 RAM (Mushkin Enhanced Redline)
GPU: NVIDIA (EVGA) GTX 680 Ti (It’s very overclocked)
MB: ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution
It’s also running on an SSD: Crucial M4 (128GB), happens to be ~60% full.

Further stabilize the game
I swear it seems like you guys are making improvements here, but just a couple of days ago I did my first CoF run, and the part where you have to get rid of all the bombs we ended up failing, then when we talked to the NPC to start it over… the event started but then he froze. (so we had to wait for the whole countdown to hit 0 to restart it, which actually didn’t work… needless to say, the party broke up and I had to find another group to do CoF.

Ascended gear infusion slot
Make the ascended gear use any infusion (atleast the gear from the laurel merchant), or perhaps make an option for buyback.
I made the stupid mistake (and I’m sure I’m probably one of the few) of buying the wrong ascended (wrong infusion) twice on two different level 80s, and couldn’t sell it back, I’m stuck with it, and that’s my fault.

Hire me
Seriously, do it.

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