Party Queue

Party Queue

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Posted by: Zero.2796


MMOs are supposed to be played with your friends, right? Well “Join my friend in their instance” doesn’t work with WvW as it stands now, nor does it work with maps that have multiple full instances. Not if we’re actually trying to succeed at whatever we’re queuing for, anyway. Queuing for Tequatl, and trying to get into a friend’s full overflow only to end up in an overflow that has less than ten people in it seems to happen entirely too frequently. I don’t understand why a party can’t queue as a whole.

My understanding is that when you’re standing in a queue, you get in when your number is called. Why not have the party queue as a whole, and when the same number of spaces open up on a map as the party has in it, the 2-5 people in the party get their queue? It doesn’t need to be too complicated…

Here’s a metaphor. You walk into a restaurant, and tell them you have a party of four. The time you show up for the queue is your only determining factor of when you get to sit and eat. If you are next in line as a party of four, and the map only has two spaces open, then the annoying couple still behind you has to wait their turn, because you are in front of them. No cutsies.

If this system were to be implemented in the way that “cutsies” worked, then the whole idea would be void, because that means you and your party would lose your place in line to the solo players constantly leaving and filling the map.