Race Changing

Race Changing

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Posted by: Ario.8964



I don’t enjoy having to delete someone that I have a lot of progress on and I feel there are many solutions to questions people would have about the workings. It could be added as a gem store item that people may pay for like a makeover kit and simply changes their race and allows them to retain their in-game progress while meeting their desires for that character. For story changes just make them redo the instances specific to their chosen race and with cultural armor just convert to its equivalent of the selected race (Other armors can be converted to fit the race like pvp armors). I also do not wish to take up my account space in order to double a profession because I see it as a waste of money and space so I believe this could be a more efficient way for players to change their race without having to go through the leveling process again. Thank you for your time and if this would not work I would be grateful to know why.

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