Suggestion for Scarlet ending

Suggestion for Scarlet ending

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Posted by: Valrog.2059


Dear developers

I have a suggestion for the Scarlet ending. Please make it painful (for her, not us – the Scarlet content has already been painful for us) and permanent! Seriously, she’s the most annoying character ever invented since Jar Jar Banks. I trust the “ending” will truly be an ending, and that we will not see her come back again after 3 months.

Thank you for your consideration. I enjoy the game a lot, especially the large open world with beautiful graphics and the interaction with other players in the free-to-play MMO.

Suggestion for Scarlet ending

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Posted by: Elrey.5472


A dungeon where she is the final boss? That way we can kill her annnytime that we want just for fun… and pain… and more fun!

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Suggestion for Scarlet ending

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Posted by: Palador.2170


I doubt they’ll kill her for good, but if they do, it should be in a way that also helps to develop the characters of some important NPCs.

I want her to try to make an escape in the final moments of the story, only for her teleport trick to not work. Then Logan and the Queen step out of a mesmer illusion that they were hiding in, tell her they’ve blocked her escape tricks this time, and nail her to a wall with a sword through the chest.

Logan reads off the charges, including the murder of civilians at the Jubilee, and Jennah pronounces her guilty, then uses one of the jubilee torches to light her on fire. Everyone watches as she burns to a crisp while nailed to the wall. When it’s over, the Queen orders Scarlet’s ashes to be used to make bricks, which will be distributed to the bottom of the ocean in several unmarked locations.

Exit Scarlet, enter the knowledge that you do NOT kitten off Queen Jennah.

Sarcasm, delivered with a
delicate, brick-like subtlety.

Suggestion for Scarlet ending

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Posted by: Jaymee.1560


LMAO +1 to this post!

I say we take her, slice and does her, add some Ascalonian Herbs, some dressing… have ourselves a nice Scarlet Salad who gives us major boosts during battle… giving us the ultimate last word when we have to go potty…

I use to be a Ritualist and a Paragon in my former life…

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