Sylvari Warrior or Guardian?

Sylvari Warrior or Guardian?

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Posted by: AESOkami.1072


I plan on making a tanky sylvari for my next character but I am torn between these two classes.

What are your suggestions?

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Sylvari Warrior or Guardian?

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Posted by: Aro.8275


Wasn’t sure about this myself and made a Sylvari guardian just to try out the race back at release. Been perfectly happy with it since. Also have a sylv war alt, it however will get rerolled whenever a new race comes out (intended to do this however). Both are female. My male engy is fun just to run around with the flamethrower…

The racial elites are fairly meh. The turret growth can be useful for some pve ranged damage or some invul on a war however the turrets get removed in one aoe. It has been funny to use in wvw just to see people have no idea how to react.

The armour for both is the same so nothing much to say there, will be up to your taste. Find a few of them rather nice and one not so much.

Now the class choice. War is generally simpler to pick up and use and not much to think about in the longer run. Guard has some more stuff to think about while using and a little more depth. So if you’re mainly going tanky and want some more support options guard is the winner.

Don’t forget to try out both before deciding.

Sylvari Warrior or Guardian?

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Posted by: Alurazle.5430


Guardian all the way!!!

1. Best class for zerg farming content
2. Everyone loves guardian boons
3. Guardians aren’t as brain-dead to use as warriors are. (in my opinion)


Sylvari Warrior or Guardian?

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Posted by: Athrenn.9468


My main (and only) character is a sylvari warrior and I’m loving it so far. One thing that I love about the class is its large selection of weapons. As a new player, it gives you the chance to get a feel for a few different fighting styles before settling on one or two that you enjoy and then sticking with them. My person favorite is hammer + sword/shield. Hammer for the staggering crowd control and sword/shield for the mobility, sustained bleed damage and 3s channeled block.

If you want a class with a versatile playstyle then you’ll love the warrior. You’ll be able to swap between a variety of styles on the fly and more often than any other class. Effective or not, it’s a fun class to play if that’s what you’re looking for.