LFG Tequatl

LFG Tequatl

in Tequatl Rising

Posted by: Tongku.5326



I’m one of the infortunate people that got stuck in overflows unable to get to the right maps at the time, but would still like to beat Teq

I play mainly US server time prime time, 5pm-10pm PST, if there is a group or guild planning to take down Teq with reasonable chance of success (at least down to 50% or 25%) that is looking for more people , and can give me 1 day heads up notice (except Fridays) I would like to join.

I can play Guardian or Mesmer, well geared, well prepared for variety of roles, I can hop on TS3, mumble or vent as needed. I am familiar with the fight, just havent had a chance to finish all the way to down him.

Please send me an in game mail or whisper (though may not be able to answer a whisper if in heavy combat).

Thanks !

Heavy Deedz – COSA – SF