Good work Arena, nice fail...

Good work Arena, nice fail...

in Tower of Nightmares

Posted by: adrian.4962


I did the tower event for 2-3 days when it was activated then finished leveling another character and not it’sn 80 again

Since the even went live until now the abilities and mobs configuration have been change so many times that you can hardly set foot inside

-they added instant cast knokdown spells you can’t dodge and you can’t even see them cast to prevent players from running ahead. Abilities of mobs have changed. Melee knokdowns with cast time you can’t move away from them because they turn in your direction and you have to dodge

-right at the entrance now there are elite mobs, oh, no not veteran, elite and they repawn as soon as they are killed. Kill or finish a mob, look and it’s back up in 3 sec before you can run outside the agro range. It takes at least 10 players to go up on floor one. You could go up floor 3 with 5….

- explosive flowers are stack 2 now so if you get hit once, after you used your dodge you’re dead, not downed, dead…

Arena devs got more kitten lately but I didn’t know it was that bad