I hope Anet learn fromTwilight Assault

I hope Anet learn fromTwilight Assault

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Posted by: drunkmoron.7069


This is my first time posting here and it to says how unhappy I am with this living story. Here are things that made me annoyed enough to post here for the first time

-the description of it says “October Twilight Assaults Achievements Completed”: This gives the false idea that there would be daily achievements the whole month for people to do. I’m not sure if Anet will add more after tomorrow patch but I doubt it. Please think more about descriptions of achievements in the future to avoid misunderstanding

-Bugged dailies: There were people that were counting on the dailies to finish the achievement so this was just unacceptable. It really unprofessional for them to not test something like this before releasing it

-Amount of Dailies: Since this was a 2 week event with there were only 14 (think actually 13 since the last day didn’t count) possible dailies to do get the achievement. With 2 of them bugged, you only had 12 (maybe 11) chances to do the dailies. Also since not everyone wanted to do the dailies everyday (expensive keys on day 1, Arah dungeon on a week day, killing aetherblade, etc), requiring 10 of them to get the achievement seem too much. Would of better to of made this 8 or something. To be fair people could of just ran the new path to get the achievements but there were some people that thought this was a easy achievement to get (see my first point about thinking this was month long)

-New dungeon path: I’m fine with it being hard and all because Anet “seems” to of gave an alternative way to get the living story achievement done. However I wish there was a way to solo this because not everyone like doing dungeons in parties. After I found out that there was no more dailies to get the achievement, I tried running this dungeons, but after 2 group disbanded and no one in my guild wanting to run this, I just gave up. I’ll try again on the weekend when I have time

-No other alternatives: For the past Sky pirates living story, if you didn’t want to run the dungeon you could of did other things. This time around you couldn’t which made this living story seem pretty bare since there wasn’t much things to do this time around

Finally I’m grateful to Anet for adding a new path. It would be nice if they add new path to other dungeons too (like Arah ; ) ), I just wish they made this patch more like their previous living stories and learn what not to do in the future. Thank you for the new path and I’m looking forward to the Blood and Madness patch