Self Destruction in Twilight Assault

Self Destruction in Twilight Assault

in Twilight Assault

Posted by: Tranc.6780


This is a story that’s begging to be told. A tale of betrayal and folly, and man vs self.

It’s the evening of Oct 14th, and who knows if the Twilight Assault meta-achievement will be around when Blood and Madness launches the next day. I am 9/10 and one point from getting my Slickpack back item. (I would have gotten it over the weekend had it not been for the Keymaker bug.)

I bring up the Looking For Group tool in a last ditch effort to get that last achievement point. I find a group, I luck out. There’s a commander in the party; we’ll call him Ares (not his full name).

Ares seems to know his way around Twilight Assault. Not only do I get the achievement point that I needed, but we’re getting further into the dungeon than I could have hoped. He’s leading us by the nose, and essentially handing us all of the achievements!

There’s one member of the party, let’s call him Quin (also not his full name). Quin doesn’t seem to be following Ares’ instructions very well, and one of the other party members is getting angry with him. Perhaps the person who’s upset feels he is speaking out on Ares’ behalf. But Ares himself is playing it cool, and doesn’t say much about it.

It’s not until the final boss fight that I noticed Ares and Quin have the same guild tag. The fight proves difficult, and after a wipe, someone has nominated Quin to be kicked. I am taken aback by this. I understand my party’s frustration but we’re on the final boss! Do we really want to start in-fighting while in the middle of battle with a rampaging Clockheart?!? I ignore the the kick nomination, but someone else doesn’t…

All of a sudden, we are in Caledon Forest. Apparently, two of my party succeeded in kicking the game host

I am laughing at the sheer stupidity of the thing. I find out, after the other 2 members had left, that the only reason Ares was doing the dungeon in the first place was because Quin (his guildmate) had asked for his help.

I got my achievement point, so I wasn’t upset, but let this be a cautionary tale to any who would kick prematurely ;-)

Self Destruction in Twilight Assault

in Twilight Assault

Posted by: Nilkemia.8507


Thank you for sharing your sad tale. Let this be a warning to others.