Tixx's Infinirarium

Tixx's Infinirarium

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Posted by: Mark Katzbach

Mark Katzbach

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Tixx’s Infinirarium is home to Tixx’s toy-creation machine. Help him get his toys and machine in working order while watching for stowaway skritt and malfunctioning toys that slow down production.

  • Each day of the festival, a new toy enters the Infinirarium, bringing with it new challenges and rewards.
  • Defeat malfunctioning toys or pesky skritt to get the toy machine working at peak efficiency and claim each day’s rewards.
  • The reward for successfully completing each day’s airship event is a toy mini blueprint for that day’s toy.
  • Beware the fickle whims of Toxx, Tixx’s assistant golem, who seems to have a mind of her own.

Tips and Tricks

  • Tixx is always up-to-date with the inner workings of his lab, so speak with him to find out what’s happening around the airship.
  • Malfunctioning toys are dangerous—don’t be afraid to destroy them.
  • Toxx sometimes requires a special skill to take down. If you’re having trouble, search your surroundings for something helpful.
  • Skritt will get in your way at every turn, so keep an eye on them.
  • If you’re having difficulty finding the enemy, use the teleporter inside the airship to reach the platforms surrounding the toy-creation machine. Sometimes things go wrong up there.
  • Once Tixx arrives in Lion’s Arch, you can pick events from any of the previous airship tour days to experience anything you’ve missed or to replay your favorite events.