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Posted by: Mark Katzbach

Mark Katzbach

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The goal of Toypocalypse is to protect gift dolyaks and survive malfunctioning toys for 10 rounds.

  • Each round has five waves of hostile malfunctioning toys. The UI tracks which round you’re on.
  • Toys increase in quantity every two rounds. The amount of toys is tracked in the UI.
  • From lowest to highest, the toy quantity levels are:
    • Skirmish
    • Assault
    • Siege
    • Onslaught
    • Toypocalypse

You fail the activity if any of the following things happen:

  • All five gift dolyaks die.
  • All five players are dead at the same time.


Players can find and use 3 weapons in this activity.

  • Toysmasher
    • Damages multiple enemies at once.
    • Skills allow for some crowd control.
    • Your go-to choice for resource gathering.
  • Toy Cap Rifle
    • Single-target, high-power ranged weapon.
    • More damage, but less mobility.
  • Toy Repair Gun
    • A finesse weapon—not always needed. Proper use is extremely effective.
    • Has a steep learning curve. It’s hard to master, but don’t give up.
    • Has many uses, so experiment to find what works and what doesn’t.

Players can build turrets and walls to defend themselves and the gift dolyaks. Smash buildings and trees to create resource bundles for building defenses. There are 2 resource bundles: wood and snow.

  • Wood Bundle
    • Builds ballista and catapult turrets.
    • Upgrades ballista and catapult turrets.
    • Repairs fully upgraded ballista and catapult turrets.
  • Snow Bundle
    • Builds walls and snowman turrets.
    • Upgrades walls and snowman turrets.
    • Repairs fully upgraded walls and snowman turrets.

Each defensive structure plays a different role. Each defensive structure can be upgraded twice.

  • Ballista Turret
    • Single target.
    • Low damage.
    • Rapid-fire.
  • Catapult Turret
    • High damage.
    • AOE.
    • Delayed fire.
  • Snowman Turret
    • Single target.
    • Moderate damage.
    • Applies chill to targets.
  • Walls
    • High health.
    • Slows advance of enemies.

Extra tips to help you survive.

  • While participating in this activity, you’ll be unable to heal or regenerate health through your own skills. To recover health, you must travel to the map’s center and enter the healing field.
  • After each level (every two rounds) a mysterious gift box drops near the center of the map. It contains presents for players.
  • After each level (every two rounds) hay appears near the center of the map. It partially heals gift dolyaks.
  • Explore the map. You may find other things that will help you survive Toypocalypse.
  • After each round, you have a short time to build your defenses. The amount of time decreases as the activity progresses.