Winter Wonderland Jumping Puzzle

Winter Wonderland Jumping Puzzle

in Wintersday

Posted by: Mark Katzbach

Mark Katzbach

Content Marketing Manager

Winter Wonderland is a challenging jumping puzzle that will either end in cheer or a you-size smear. Jump across a precarious path of melting snowflakes, hop over exploding presents, and flee past massive rolling snowballs. Deliver your present to the children gathered at the end of the puzzle to receive your reward.

  • Players have a set amount of time to traverse the puzzle’s dangerous jumps and hazards.
  • The Frostbite debuff will slowly whittle away at your health until you die.
  • There are three distinct portions of the puzzle: snowflakes, presents, and snowball dodging.
  • Fall, or fail to reach the end in time, and you’ll be sent to the observation area to wait for another turn.

Tips and Tricks

  • Watch for warning signs before snowflakes melt and presents explode.
  • Use the peppermints to avoid rolling snowballs.
  • Keep your eyes open for mortar shots from pesky skritt.
  • Socialize with other players from the observation area and plan your next run.