Less/No pve please

Less/No pve please

in WvW Desert Borderlands Stress Test

Posted by: Doug.4930


Title is very self explanatory, and as much as I’m looking forward to a new map to roam in when the expansions is released (I only play WvW) I feel that there is far to much pve in this new map. We in WvW love to fight eachother. Whether its massive zergvzerg fights (although not for me) or smaller groups of 5 or duo/solo roamers, I take it the majority of proper WvW players play WvW to WvW not to WvPVE.

For instance, the mobs around the alters that was designed for havoc players such as myself is far too high. I much prefer the blood lust in the normal borderlands where there is no pve required to cap points. I can just stand there and have clean fights with players who come to contest me.

So pretty simple look forward to hearing your thoughts, but please, WvW is the only place I go to escape the Pve I personaly detest. There is already enough pve to keep the pve community happy. Please don’t take WvW and give it to Pve.


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