New WvW Skills and Icons Suggestions

New WvW Skills and Icons Suggestions

in WvW Desert Borderlands Stress Test

Posted by: HellionOfEvil.7963


I was not able to play the new Desert Borderland Stress Test but was wondering if the WvW skills are going to change and if so how. I would also like to add a bit of feedback based on WvW skills as they currently are and make some suggestions.

When a player gets on a piece of siege the Icon that looks like a gear shows above them to let other players know that the equipment is being used.

I think it would be really cool if that icon could also show the level of skill the player has with it, so at a glance the group can determine if someone has mastery of that siege.

Most siege skills have like 5 lvl’s or 5 bars in the UI for skills, if those bars could somehow be incorporated with the gear icon you could see at a glance if the person arming the ram or catapult has mastery of it.

This could also be useful if you are attacking a keep or tower to see if the defenders arming siege have mastery of it or not as well.

This is my input as a WvW player and since I didn’t get to play the new map I invite others to add to this thread any Skills and Icons changes they would like seen introduced to WvW play in the future as well.

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