ALTTABME.COM [Podcast #12] "The State of the Game"

ALTTABME.COM [Podcast #12] "The State of the Game"

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The members of came together during this weekly podcast to talk about “Launch Week Impressions”

Summary: This was a hodgpodge of topics taken from our second week in Guild Wars 2. As Guild Wars 2 has been doing with its “State of the Game” announcements we decided to tackle the topcis right in front of us as well with this podcast!

Some topics we covered:
Balance of Events,
AOE vs loot vs immersion vs participation
Professions Being Played Shifting
Trading Post Economics
Cooking Fix, Fixes in General.
Level 80 and how fast
The actual exploration
Item Skins

The questions answered here are some of the top questions we get during our live streams at and these forums!

We are live Mondays @ 5:15 EST :

If you wish to submit questions for next weeks podcast for please feel free to post on the forums.

Link to MP3 Download can be found in the summary on Youtube.