All the basics in Video form?! zomg!

All the basics in Video form?! zomg!

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Posted by: Heraseth.9703


Guys I’ve created a playlist of video’s which i’m adding to regularly with all the content one needs to know to get started and know their stuff in Guild wars 2!
The tips cover things such as
- getting your crafting gear early,
- how the map works,
- what all those little stats are
- what and how is crafting
- and general tips like how to split items and save on bag space.

The first 10 episodes show this in some detail and there are many other videos up to help out more common questions.
Quite some work and time has gone into them so I really hope they help.

Can find the full play list here –

If they don’t interest you, please don’t rage over them, after all they are mostly designed to help beginners to the game.