Path of Fire - Trivia thread

Path of Fire - Trivia thread

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Hi folks,

In exitement for the upcoming expansion I have extracted a few interesting statistics about the Elites and their base classes. Enjoy.

Utility skills (excluding Revenant, as it defys all core game rules about utilities):

  • Across both expansions only 4 new unique utility types have been introduced to the game:
    • Gyros (Scrapper)
    • Exceeds (Holosmith)
    • Punishments (Scourge)
    • Rages (Berserker)
  • Engineer is the only class with exclusively unique skill types, even when including Elite specs.
    • Elemntalist had 4 unique skill types, like Engineer, but shared Signtes as 5th with other classes and has gained Shouts and Stances as shared types since HoT.
  • Engineer and Ranger are the only two professions who have not “lost” a unique skill type to an elite yet.
  • Since PoF, Thief is the class with the least amount of unique skill types of just 1. (Tricks)
  • Each expansion has a pair of elite specializations that share a skill type
    • Tempest – Reaper (Shout)
    • Weaver – Soulbeast (Stance)
  • Even with many elites sharing skill types with other classes, Signets are still the most commmon utility; available to 7 professions.


  • Since PoF, the most used Wepon across all classes is the sword, being usable by 8 different professions, dethroning staff from HoT with 7.
    • Therefore Necromancer is the only class that can’t use a sword.
    • Across all base classes (including base Revenant) Sword was the most used with 6 users.
  • The Weaponsmith is the most useful Weapon-craftsmanship, being able to craft 37 profession weapons. (e.g. Guardian counts for 6 in this number, carrying Mace, Axe (as FB), GS, Hammer, Shield and Sowrd; Engineer for 3: Shield, Hammer (as Scr), Sword (as Holo); and so on)
    • The Hunstman can craft 21 profession weapons, the Artificer 15.
  • No PoF Elite specialization wields an Artificer weapon.
  • The Soulbeast is the first Elite spec to gain a weapon the base class can already use.

Hope you have a little fun with this.
If you know additional senseless trivia about Elite specs feel free to add it to the thread.