Rewarding dedicated GW2 players

Rewarding dedicated GW2 players

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Posted by: mrdman.6057


Just want to start off by saying I’m a big fan of the game and have been since launch. This is an idea that excites me as a veteran player and I want to get it out there and hopefully see it come to fruition.

It boils down to in game, character specific, yearly rewards. Every year that an in game character is played should see an enhancement in the form of the ability to pick one additional trait that they would like to slot until after 6 years they have a complete 4th trait line. The player get’s to pick a trait from any of the specializations currently slotted or not, mixing and matching, allowing for some true customization.

For example:
Year one of a character, say its a ranger, they would be able to pick from the first bubble in any of their specializations ( Pack Alpha from Beast Mastery) or (Rejuvenation from Nature Magic) etc.

Year two this character would be able to pick from any bubble in the second line of the trait system. (Druidic Clarity from Druid) or (Soften the Fall from Wilderness survival).

Year three they would get a bubble from the third line of the trait system. (Furious Grip from Skirmishing) or (Alpha Training from Marksmanship).

And so on and so on until you eventually have a complete 4th trait line that you have customized. Stipulations could be made to prevent veteran players from having to much of an advantage in certain game types, i.e. WVW and PVP by simply making this 4th trait line PVE only or whatever proves the best course of action. I think this would keep dedicated gamers interested and increase the staying power of the game. I look forward to hearing any feedback people might have. Thanks and enjoy the game.

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