[Suggestion] New Profession: Astronomer

[Suggestion] New Profession: Astronomer

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Posted by: AxelBlackheart.5403


Hello guys! I’ve come up with an idea of another professions’ addition, which might be interesting and I hope it shall impress you!

To begin with, the class’s name is Astronomer. It’s a light-armored class, which is based on its astral and cosmic powers. If we have to put it in a bunch of lore-words, it goes like this: “Astronomers have led thousands of adventurers through many places around Tyria. Their insight and understanding of the cosmos’s behaviour have given them immense power, so they’ll march against the evil.”

Let’s talk about its abilities.
This class has three (3) “star sign guides”:
-Morning Star: [Active] Under the presence of the morning star, the player gains +10% of current power.
-Ursa Major: [Active] Under the presence of Ursa Major, the player gains +10% of current toughness and taunts nearby enemies.
-Sirius: [Active] Under the presence of Sirius, health regeneration’s slightly increased and grants Astral Protection to allies for seven (7) seconds, after switching to this star sign guide.

Let’s, also, check the unique skills. In fact, it’s only one thing: AoE curses (=sleep, confusion, vulnerability and weakness).

Now, we must see what weapons are suitable for this class. This profession can wield:
-Staff: Mid-to-high-ranged AoE abilities, grants boons and healing.
-Main Hand
-Scepter: Mid-ranged, AoE abilities, mostly for balanced tactics between aggressive and defensive playstyles.
-Dagger: Close combat with slight increase on precision.
-Book: (Yeah, that’s something I wanted to suit with the class’s appearance, but I guess
it might be used by other classes) Variety of boons and curses. (Note II: I think it’s better to place that as an Elite Specialization weapon.)
-Warhorn: Mid-ranged abilities, taunts nearby enemies.
-Focus: Supportive AoE abilities, which has a chance to burn the enemies affected by profession’s spells.
-Trident: Offensive attacks, immobilizing the enemy.

Now that we have a bit clearer picture, let’s see what kind of Specializations it has. We can say that it has three (3) core specializations and one (1) elite specialization.
-Morning Star: focuses on increasing damage output. Enhances staff, dagger and focus skills.
-Ursa Major: focuses on defense and condition removal. Enhances scepter and warhorn skills.
-Sirius: focuses on boons application to allies and health regeneration. Enhances focus abilities.
-Cosmonaut: Enables use of the book. Grants a set of utility boon-oriented and curse-oriented skills, and doubles the effect of the star sign guides.

That’s what I’ve thought about this profession so far. Tell me if something more is needed and if you find it interesting!

Have fun, people out there!~