[Video] MaaZe - Warrior - WvW Raids & Fights

[Video] MaaZe - Warrior - WvW Raids & Fights

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Warrior is my favourite class to play, and the only class I play.

Throughout the 3 years i have been playing I have been in a few WvW Guilds which include [TEA] Immersed in Blood, [echo] Armored Spearhead, and now [Ice] Great Winter and I have gathered a lot of experience roaming, gvg’ing, and zerging.

Hope you enjoy my videos of my Guild Raids in WvW. Rather than just simply disliking my videos if you could also add constructive criticism so I know what can be improved. Thanks!

I will link a few of my favourites, and then just link new ones as i upload them.

My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MaaZe


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