Divinity´s Reach Dancing Party

Divinity´s Reach Dancing Party

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Posted by: Michael.4079


Uploaded a video from a small dancing party we had. Originally it was supposed to be longer and with more people, but there were severe complications, so we had to shoot it again (yeah, I have free fraps, and yeah, I use fraps, I dont usually do vids, so it´s probably kinda meeeh )

Anyway, I would like to thank the guys that made this possible and I hope I will get a chance to dance again!

I would like to ask guys who were dancing with us, but left sooner – if you are interested in dancing in future, and hopefully make a nice video (which will be actually longer and better) write me in-game or, on forum and I will invite you into a dancing guild (no, its not a joke)
Of course, anyone interested can write and ask for invitation.
We are on EU…

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