[EU] Community Week - May 6-13 (& MS Toga EU)

[EU] Community Week - May 6-13 (& MS Toga EU)

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Hey everyone!

To celebrate entering our 3rd year of existing, OpenCommunity is holding a massive 1-week shindig with tons of varied events, prizes, and of course, supporting a good cause!

Quick Info

  • When: Sat 6th-Sat13th of May (Main events: 6th, 7th and 13th of May)
  • What: A large number of varied small, 30-90 minute events!
  • Where: All around Tyria!
  • Join: Teamspeak address: ts.theopencommunity.org – no password, no mic required
  • Requirements: Varied, mostly none. More details below & on website.
  • Details: Below and at http://www.theopencommunity.org/calendar/


What can you expect?

We have many events lined up, from self-organized events such as Hide & Seek, Scavenger Hunt, Costume Contest, Jumping Puzzle Races, to in-game activities like Belcher’s Bluff, Guild Hall claiming (open to everyone), as well as world boss events such as Triple Trouble, (naked) Tequatl and (also naked) Shatterer!

On Saturday, 13th of May we will also be one of the two official EU organizers for the Toga Party for MS!

Can you get shinies?

Yes! All self-organized events such as races or contests will feature cool prizes! We have a big prize pool of several precursors and a bunch of other goodies including black lion skins, various precious or rare knicknacks and a hefty amount of ectoplasm.

Most events even have a guaranteed participation reward! So come over and give it a go! The world bosses drop loot as usual =)

In addition, the Toga Party for MS event has a separate, larger prize pool which includes some quite… legendary… prizes!

Are there any requirements?

The majority of the events will be held in or near starting areas or cities, so they have practically no level or exploration requirements. The world bosses require a minimum level & world exploration corresponding to the area they are located in.

Only the Hero Point Run and Guild Hall claiming take place in Heart of Thorns, so it is not required to join most of the events.

How can I join?

The easiest way to join is to connect to our TeamSpeak at ts.theopencommunity.org (or ts.gw2oc.org for short). There is no password or microphone requirement, but our community is a Teamspeak community so our Event Coordinators will mostly be speaking in there. We will provide info in-game as well, but the majority of the event will be happening on TS!

When is this happening?

The event will be held for 8 days, from Saturday 6th, to Saturday 13th of May.

  • 6th, Sat – Community Birthday Weekend, events from 13:00 to 23:00 CEST
  • 7th, Sun – Community Birthday Weekend, events from 13:00 to 23:00 CEST
  • Mon-Fri – Community Week, several events every day in the evening!
  • 13th, Sat – Toga Party for MS EU – events from 13:00 to 18:00 CEST, Toga Party EU/NA starts at 19:00 CEST.

For a more detailed event schedule, go to http://www.theopencommunity.org/calendar/

What is the Toga Party for MS?

The MS Toga Party is a charity event organized by Gamers Giving Back every year for almost 10 years (originally in GW1) which raises money for Multiple Sclerosis, fundraising for the MS Foundation of Canada.

Throughout the entire Community Week, we will be sponsoring the MS Toga fundraiser by also giving out OpenCommunity rewards to people who donate to the fundraiser!

Official Toga Party website: http://toga.gamergivingback.com/

For more information on the Toga Party for MS event, check out the official post https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/community/events/Toga-Party-for-MS-Official-Thread/

But I’m busy playing the new update!

Don’t worry, the update will wait! The fun & prizes of the community week, however, are a one time kind of party! So join us, and who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy the time so much you might check out our regular events – which we’re hoping to include the new maps in soon!

OpenCommunity contacts:

Website: http://www.theopencommunity.org/
Event Information: http://www.theopencommunity.org/birthday
Toga Party Info: http://www.theopencommunity.org/mstoga
Contact: on the website or in-game (Lelling.6795)

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[EU] Community Week - May 6-13 (& MS Toga EU)

in In-game Events

Posted by: Krathor.9514


Thanks for posting about this – didn’t even know!

Shall be attending some of the events this week – cheers for the heads up.

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