EU September 11 [PSDH] NAKED runs

EU September 11 [PSDH] NAKED runs

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Posted by: Astrovirus.2936


Darkward’s Special Bikini Birthday Quake Hasta La Vista HoT, PoF On The Horizon Party
(DS BBQ HLV HoT PoF OTHP for short)

Those who are familiar with our world-boss killing guild [PSDH], know that we have been organising Triple Trouble Wurm runs since the guild’s formation in September 2013. So by this time of year we are ready to celebrate the guild’s 4rd Birthday. To do so, we would like to organise another of our famous and hilarious Darkwards Special Naked Triple Trouble Event Nights, and since it also the End of a HoT Summer (and Heart of Thorns as well, with Path of Fire on the horizon), we would like to theme this one the Bikini Birthday Quake Hasta La Vista HoT, PoF On The Horizon Party Edition.

So the beach party will kick off on the Splintered Coast Beach, where we will gather in our Swimsuits (Yes, no Armor allowed tonight, only funny hats), and hopefully Tequatl won’t spoil the fun……… But if he does, we will doze him to sleep with all our nakedness and continue our party.

After Tequatl, we’ll continue our Southern Tyrian beach tour on the Bloodtide Coast and wander about the nice Southern Regions where we will Scare the Evolved Jungle Wurm with our naked bodies, should it decide to show up.

After cleaning up the massacre we will hold an After party at the nice bar located at the beach near Pealr Islet on the shores of Southsun Cove. We will have a nice Guild Banquet and catch us some Seefood and maybe the Karka Queen will show up and treat us all to some nice shinies after we strip her of some armor as well.

So if you like this idea and would like to be a part of it, than be sure to join in on Monday September 11th, gathering starting at between 20:00 – 20:30 CEST (18:00 – 18:30 UTC) on our teamspeak: no pass.

So in summary what can you expect:

Date: Monday September 11th
Teamspeak: (no pass)

First Event
What: Sacrificing our bodies for God Tequatl
When: 21:00 CEST (19:00 UTC) – Gathering on teamspeak from 20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC)
Where: Sparkfly Fen

Second Event
What: Scaring Triple Trouble Wurm with our naked bodies
When: 22:00 CEST (20:00 UTC)
Where: Bloodtide Coast

Third Event
What: Cleaning up all the mess from Naked TT Wurm and Afterparty with Guild Banquet and Karka Queen Guild Spawn.
When: After Naked TT run(s) – approximately 22:30 – 22: 45 CEST
Where: The bar on the beach near Pealr Islet, Southsun Cove

More Info
For those who’ve never done this type of event with PSDH. Here’s what’s going to happen.
1. Remove all your armor till you’re stripped to your underwear/swimwear
2. (Optional) Put on a funny hat (eg. fuzzy panda hat)
3. ? ? ? ?
4. Profit

What to bring!
Positive attitude and a good dose of humor!
Even though we will do our best to bring these events to a success, there’s a high(er) chance of failing. We don’t want people who participated being angry with us if we do fail. Although we do have a 100% Kill Rate on Naked Tequatl and have gotten close to decapping all 3 wurms on all our Naked Wurm attempts, and off course our full Naked Wurm kills on June 24 2015, September 12th 2016, and June 19th 2017.

Utility Nourishments
Suitable for your class

Without armor we’ll lose some of our much needed damage. It would be great if everyone can get their hands on some consumables like Fire Elemental Powder, Orge Pet Whistle, Deployable Mortar Kits and Healing Seed Pods.

For information on where to get these consumables, please look at the guide over at Dulfy.