Guild vs Guild Skirmishes [foxy]

Guild vs Guild Skirmishes [foxy]

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Posted by: Levikilla.3076


Hallo Jq o,O/
[foxy] is in search of Guild Wars 2 Guilds,Teams, Friends and Rivals to participate in a friendly STRESS FREE skirmish in our guild arena. [foxy] is not the biggest guild number wise and we don’t intend to force our members in participating in every single skirmish so we are not looking for a lot of members to participate. We intend on doing any type of skirmish depending on what our numbers are looking like at the time. EX: 2v2 3v3 4v4 5v5 and beyond

We all have busy schedules and all have members of different time zones so this will will only work if we plan accordingly depending on what our numbers are looking like at the time being.

Our intent in this exercise is to try to get all members of each guild to participate and to theory-craft team builds and comps as we go round for round. This is important because it can benefit both guilds team composition and also be a lot of fun for each side.

[foxy] has a variety of players with all different skill levels and specialties so we encourage you to bring people of all skill levels.

Reminder: STRESS FREE… We want good sportsmanship and a positive attitude! NO SALTY SAILORS ALLOWED~~

Message Me @ Levikilla.3076 , if you have any questions or if you wanna coordinate a skirmish.

-Grubs -.O