Phoenix Radio Presents: March Madness!

Phoenix Radio Presents: March Madness!

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Posted by: Kyrii.9548


Hey there, GW2 community! I represent Phoenix Radio, an online gaming entertainment radio network that strives to bring fun entertainment to the gaming community, and I’m here to clue you in on our next big event!

This month, we will be hosting a gamer trivia tournament called March Madness on March 20th and March 27th. In this event, we will be pitting contestants against each other in a gamer trivia battle for various prizes, including up to 500+ gold in GW2, and even a customized, autographed t-shirt with artwork of your in-game character!

Are you the biggest gamer that you know? Send an email to me at that includes your in-game name on GW2 by March 13th to enter, or for more details! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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