Pink Day in LA 2017

Pink Day in LA 2017

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Hello everyone!

2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of the event – Pink Day in LA. 10 years ago a group of players decided to get together and dye their armor pink to show support to those with cancer or to pay tribute to those who lost their battle. We want everyone in our community to join us as we spread Pink over Tyria on October 21st.

The official website for the event is here:

We are raising funds for the event here :

*note that our focus for the funds raised is International Research Programs

Don’t forget to send in your number from 1-1000 to when you donate $10CDN or more to the cause! (Donation Prizes will be posted in September)

Can’t donate to the cause but still want to help out? Here is what you can do:

1. Help us spread the word. Share this forum post, follow us on Twitter @pinkdayinla or post your excitement via #pinkday17

2. Attend – your presence will help to create a powerful force that not only will help raise funds, but help give support to players that are affected by Cancer. Knowing that they have a fantastic community behind them while they either battle this disease or have lost someone is great.

3. We are actively looking for volunteers for the event as well. You can contact Yailith.4056 ingame or email for details about you as an individual can help or how to get your guild involved.

4. Donate in-game items for prizes. Again contact Yailith.4056 for details.

5. Wear Pink all October long! You don’t have to be in Lion’s Arch to help make an impact. Get your PVP games on in Pink or encourage your guild to wear Pink all month long in World Vs. World.

Don’t forget to let us know you are attending by RSVPing to the event here:

The event is going to be packed full of games, trivia, on-air shenanigans and of course, tons of Prizes!

The event is also going to have a reunion of sorts for players who started in Tyria – so make sure to get Guild Wars 1 installed, as we pay homage to Sadie our very own Pink Dye vendor. ( and friend who lost her battle with cancer)

Our website, media kits and details will be updated throughout September – but still don’t hesitate to message myself or anyone else at Gamers Giving Back with any questions about the event!

  • This event is open to NA and EU Players*

REMINDER : Quaggan Waddle will be happening September 16th this year – so make sure to join this amazing event that was created to kick off our countdown to Pink Day!

See you in Lion’s Arch and thanks again for supporting our cause!

Rhonda aka Malibu Barbie


Pink Day in LA 2017

in In-game Events

Posted by: Silvatar.5379


Awesome! I will definitely be there again

(though I did not RSVP because I do not use Facebook lol)