[EU] Returning player lf Fractal/Raids Guild

[EU] Returning player lf Fractal/Raids Guild

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Posted by: Eliavres.4910


Been pugging dailies since I got back like two weeks ago, got fed up with people with bad builds and/or that still don’t know the basic mechanics all the way up in T3 & now I’m looking for a guild/group to do fractals with every day right after reset (01:00h GMT+0).

I’m the most proficient in Warrior but also have an engi & mesmer all full ascended gear or very close to it.

Raids would definitely be a plus, been eager to get into those but haven’t found a group to introduce me to them that plays at the time I get online (23/00h GMT+0).

Don’t be afraid to leave a message or if you prefer, my IG is “Eliavres.4910”.


Karadoc Breifbras – Warrior
Clolne – Mesmer
Quiroprata – Engineer

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