[LBE] Liberation Executioner - Anvil Rock

[LBE] Liberation Executioner - Anvil Rock

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Posted by: Zeryius.5473


Greetings to everyone in the forum and to all GW2 players.
This is the official recruitment announcement for the guild Liberation Executioner.
We are a new guild based on the Anvil Rock Server.

What we do
- Guidance to leveling from 1-80
- Basic guidance for those who are new to the game
- PVE team-up for map completion
- Karma farming from meta events
- Dungeon guidance for those who never did dungeon before
- Farming guidance for those who wish to forge
- Dragon / Boss hunting from world events

Who we wish to recruit
- Newbies who just started GW2 and don’t really know what to do
- Friendly players who loves this game just as much as we do
- Non elitist members who likes to share their knowledge towards others
- Players who loves team-work and are willing to do their fair share of the work to not only improve their character but make the guild a comfortable place to play in

More information about the guild
This guild is intended for Australia, Malaysia, Indonesian timezone players.
English is the guild’s official language, but you can speak ‘bahasa’ if you wish.

Again, we do not discriminate if you’re new to the game, are below level 80 or a female gamer! (I’m a female gamer myself). What’s most important is that you wish to learn, are able to take directions and are always proud of the character you develop in time to come! That being said, we encourage you to join this family oriented guild.

In Conclusion
In any case, if you wish to join, please direct your queries via in-game or forum PM to either Zeryius.5473 or Stalvros.9217. Alternatively, you can also email me at Zeryius@hotmail.com or Stalvros@hotmail.com

Looking forward to seeing you in the game. would also like to thank everyone who took their time to read our post and hope that you’d have a wonderful weekend.

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