LF> Raid Guild

LF> Raid Guild

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Posted by: Spadudios.1436


Hello there,

My name is Spadudios and I’m trying to find a regular raiding guild to have fun with.
My goal isn’t “hardcore” or “Most Efficient” as much as it is “raiding for fun”
Need a guild to pick up and start doing raids with. I’ve read trough the raid wing chapters on the wiki but have yet to enter a raid and experience it first hand since finding a party is very hard.

I play a PS Power Berserker main and I also have level 80 guardian and level 80 Revenant, working towards leveling one of each class. But those aren’t as geared as my Berserker.

Got ascended trinkets and ascended GS, half of my armor is ascended Zojja as well. Currently working towards finishing all of it.

I’d be willing to level up and gear other classes if the raid needs them as I enjoy all play styles. Been playing the game for 11 months and I’ve done fractals and all of the story and map completion is at 100% so I’m decently familiar with game mechanics (I know how the dodge button works)

As a person I’m chill, but sort of busy since I work and study at the same time. I’m a 23 year old male from Bulgaria. Three fun things about me are: I have a very fat cat, once a got a concussion from headbanging to a metal song too hard and I cry almost all the time.

Hit me up in game if you’re interested in finding an extra raid buddy.