Lf an friendly Active guild

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: DynamoVuan.7812


Hi Everyone,

I’ve been bumming around GW2 since launch on and off. I have a couple of characters but have found that most of the people I began playing with have now left the game. I’m sure many people have experienced this as well.

So, I have a bit of experience with the solo aspects of the game, but would really love to experience the more social aspects. Fractals, dungeons, group pvp..however, I’m a newbie at these. I learn quickly!

I’d also love to learn WvWvW, but it’s super overwhelming when you just get started.

I can offer the guild an active and friendly guildie who is always up for helping others and participating.

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: MissCriss.6713


SOR – [BURN] recruiting All time zones
International players are welcome too.

[BURN] is newer guild recruiting mature and laidback players
PVE and WVW havoc/roaming after working hours
We are looking for members to grow the guild together,
as a community.

Female friendly
Newbie Friendly
Mulit-Server Friendly

Currently on guild bounty training
New Player PVE mentoring
LvL mentoring

Prime time: 8:30p.m(+8gmt) or 5:30am server time. (SEA/OCEANIC)
Other Prime Times are (-5gmt, -6utc) as well as others.

Main language: English
Others: Canton, Mandarin.

Highly recommend:
-Just want to have a fun and good time in WvW (nothing too hardcore)
-Sociable people who want to make new friends.
-Casual PVE and fractals.
-People who are new to this game.

Try us for a week, if we’re not a good fit for you we’ll understand. It’s about the person, not the numbers.


Look for us on Facebook,


Send me a mail if you are interested.

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: DynamoVuan.7812


by SoR do you mean Sanctum of Rall ?

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: Palton De Nomin.7984

Palton De Nomin.7984

The Bovine Rebellion

What We Are About
We are a guild focused on character development and fun. This guild was created by friends who have a love for the game. Our leader is a Guild Wars 1 veteran and has a love for the world of Tyria. We help each other with whatever our members need to do. Be it finishing their personal story, completing maps, killing other people in world vs world or even farming dungeons to get those coveted exotic armor sets. We accept everyone who enjoys playing.

Why You Should Join Us
So why should you join the Bovine Rebellion? Well don’t be alarmed, we still eat beef. Also, we hold weekly Fractals and Dungeon runs. We have a day dedicated to helping our members with leveling and map completion. There is a Guildie of the Month award and we accept all players, regardless of rank or skill. And we try to make our members feel appreciated.

We play on Borlis Pass. If interested you can message me in game at Palton De Nomin or go to our website: www.bovinerebellion.enjin.com

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: MissCriss.6713


Yes. But we have Guild members on multiple servers if this is a concern. We don’t require you to transfer.

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: SeeingBlue.8453



If you are looking for a structured multi-game community you can call home then I invite you to review Great Architect. Instead of giving some TL:DR article, I have provided some key points below.

Our Community

  • Stormbluff Isles – We are active on SBI, but allow guesting. Don’t forget you can delete all your chars for a free transfer.
  • Mature – Our ages range from 18 – 30+.
  • Active – Recruiting all time zones. We have 60+ members. Most active around 10PM+- EST.
  • Website – Our site is hosted by Enjin. Used to share information and promote our events.
  • Community Oriented – We are community first, guild second. We look for community members.
  • Voice Comms – We use Mumble & Enjin chat via Overwolf overlay to communicate across multiple games.
  • Live Streamers – We promote our Twitch streamers. Our streamers often do giveaways.
  • Newbie Friendly – We are very helpful and always welcome new players.

In-Game Activity

  • WvW – Weekly WvW night. We run in small groups.
  • sPvP – Not much sPvP activity but we will support anyone wanting to start a team.
  • Leveling – We often team up with and help our lower levels.
  • Dungeons – Eager to run Dungeons, often done nightly.
  • Fractals – Same as above. Our most active runners are nearly level 10+.
  • World Bosses – We often report active bosses and kill most of them on a nightly basis.
  • Missions – Actively unlocking missions.
  • Representing – We do not require 100% representation, but atleast 75+-%.

I believe this covers just about everything. If you have any questions feel free to mail me in-game. You may also submit an application at http://greatarchitect.us

Thank you,
-Great Architect Admin

Great Architect | Casual PvX [WvW, sPvP, Dungeons, World Bosses, Living Story]
Multi-Game | Mumble | Live Streamers | Newbie Friendly

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: Polly Wogger.9716

Polly Wogger.9716


I didn’t see you mention what server you are looking for or if you are able to transfer. Below is some information about our guild on Sorrow’s Furnace. Please feel free to give me a shout if you are intersted or have any other questions about us. Thanks!

About us:
NooBs is an established guild whose founders originated in Guild Wars 1 and have been around since launch.

Our main goal is to relax and have fun with the game, not create a second job for people. Therefore, the guild is easy going and we welcome players of all skill levels, experience, and time spent in game. We have no explicit age requirements, rules, or lengthy application processes. That being said, if you are not comfortable with either a guild that likes joking around or hearing a couple curse words here and there, we may not be the best fit for you.

What we have to offer:
»Currently 150+ members and growing, most of our members are on evening and weekends. We work hard to help our members meet and exceed their in-game goals.

»Dungeon Crawling: We have people able to run any type of dungeon (fotm up to lvl 20) including the typical speed runs and don’t mind teaching new members.

»Active Ventrilo: Speaking is not required.

»Events & Activities: Active world boss participation, living story event participation, guild bonuses/banner, guild events.

»Guild missions: We run Guild Bounty, Guild Rush, and Guild Treks every weekend so that our members may enjoy the benefits of guild commendations. With continued growth we will work towards unlocking other guild missions as well, until such time we also run bounties, rushes, puzzles and challenges with our alliance guild.

»Experienced leaders: Our leaders and officers are veteran Guild Wars players with multiple max level characters of all races and classes able to answer questions and offer assistance.

For recruitment you need simply hit us up online http://noobz.guildportal.com, https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubernoobz, or send a message in-game to myself (Wogger) or one of other other recruiters: Phyxius Animus, Soulreaver the Rizn, Snippitee, CW, Type O Negative, Furioushobo, or Achuhu.

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: takkattak.1974


Hey there!

Jaded [Jade] is a fairly well established casual PvX guild that has been on Darkhaven since launch.

Our leaders have a lot of experience with mmos and have been together for years. We are a family-style guild looking to form long-term friendships through PvE and PvP. We have a brand new website! a Facebook and a vent (however we use the server teamspeak for wvw).

We are looking for people who want to have fun and hang out together. We like to have an active chat and a community of helpful members that are willing to go out of their way for each other.

Even if you aren’t on Darkhaven you can still hang out in guild chat with us, guest with us now and then or run some dungeons cross server until you feel we are worth the transfer :p

Things you can expect from joining Jaded:
*friendly guildies
*scheduled events every night to give you something to do
*dungeon parties
*A friendly coordinated wvw crew that’s always willing to teach
*a private Spvp server
*guild trek, bounty and rush, challenge and puzzles every week
*new friends
*an abnormal love (and hate) for Quaggans

Some of our Guild Boosts include:
*10% Magic Find boost at all times
*15% Karma Boost on Mondays
*+5 supply on WvW night

Things we do regularly
WvW – We run in small 10-15 man groups 2 nights a week and regularly have people willing to run together on other nights.
sPvP – We have our own spvp server and we looking into scheduling in guild tournaments and we regularly have a few people to run matches with.
Leveling – We are always willing to help out and teach our jadertots <3.
Exploration –Jumping puzzles, orr map completion or anything else we are always up for it. Jumping puzzle races are also a huge hit with our members.
Dungeons – We have a scheduled dungeon night weekly to focus on some of the paths that are harder to get good groups for and most nights you can find a party in guild for other paths.
Fractals – We have a fractals night weekly as well, our players vary in level from 1-40.
World Events – We are always running out to the dragons or other world bosses and we do the Orr temples weekly for fun and loot.
Missions – All of our missions are unlocked and we do them every sunday night.

Jaded has 150 members mostly comprised of people between the ages of 18 and 81. We are most active during North American evenings. check out our calendar on our website to see our schedule of weekly events.

If we sound like the right home for you apply on our website or try to get a hold of us in game

Takiya Delyll
Arentide Delyll
Luto Locke

Hope to see you in game

Takiya Delyll — Mesmer
Jaded [JADE] co-leader

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: Obran.6582


Hello here is our guild info:

From Our Ashes [Rise] is a PvX guild that emphasis community and togetherness. We enjoy all aspects of what Guild Wars 2 has to offer and we play pretty much all of it. Having an atmosphere of friendship will make the game more enjoyable while still having a competitive attitude. Most of us have come from different backgrounds and areas of the game, but we are all here together now and we will Rise to new levels.

We run a two week guild schedule of events that focus on different aspects of the game. We want to experience all the game has to offer and want to play through it together.

Whisper Obran, Greggerz, Bruzie, Tiffany Lockheart, or Rotti for more info or for invite.

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: righteousdude.3974


Magnus Sigmundsson, co-captain, Black Lion Expeditions

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: Rits.4036


Heyo Dynamo,

The Unholy Mackerels [UM] is a small-medium sized (30 active w/ no activity req. ~10-15 prime time), social and fun PvX guild residing on FA. We DO allow recruits to guest for up to 4 weeks to see if our guild fits before transferring.

We treat everyone here like a part of the family and our relationships with each other become long-term friendships. We are down to earth and genuinely just like to fun but also like to work together to get things done! We also participate in every aspect of the game.

There’s so much more about us but I really want to be an open book when it comes to describing our guild to you so to avoid missing anything, I will link you our recruitment thread and our guild’s website, which has absolutely everything there is to know about us!

  • Check out all the details about us here
  • Or check out our site!

If you have any other questions I would be more than happy to answer, just let me know. Good luck in your search!

Grumpy Rits – A GrumpyCat/Charr Warrior
The Unholy Mackerels [UM]
Fort Aspenwood

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: Boom.6148


Check out Black Crescent on Northern Shiverpeaks.

Black Crescent [BC]
An original GW1 guild, crushing noobs since 2005.

Abbreviation for “Player versus anything”, meaning both PvE and PvP.

Black Crescent is currently recruiting competitive, active players to join us in the upcoming WvW Season Premier on the Northern Shiverpeaks server. We are a guild of primarily adults with jobs and families and as such our activity peaks in the evenings and on weekends.

What Black Crescent offers

  • Knowledgeable players/commanders
  • Guild Buffs +5% Kill EXP, +10% Gathering Bonus, +10% Magic Find, +5% Gold from Kills.
  • Scheduled Guild Events/Missions.
  • Private website & forum.
  • Private voice server.
  • Drama-free.
  • Nightly WvW Activity.

What Black Crescent expects

  • Must be on Northern Shiverpeaks server.
  • Representing We understand many people have other guilds for storage etc. All we ask is that we are your primary guild and that you represent BC for the majority of your playtime.
  • Be active We don’t expect you to only play with fellow guildies but make an effort to participate in guild activities be it WvW or Missions or Dungeons, etc.
  • TeamSpeak Even if you don’t have a mic.
  • Be respectful Don’t dance on bodies and laugh if we win. Don’t yell at members when we lose. It’s easy to get caught up in the game, but don’t let that lead to bad attitudes. We want to play seriously while still having fun!
  • Don’t be anti-social We are an active guild that likes to discuss the game as well as help and get to know each other.

Please stop by our site and fill out a very quick, easy >>recruitment app here<< if interested.

For any questions please feel free to pm any of the following here or in-game:

Hope to see you around!
~Boom Di Ada

Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: Augilicious.2837


Hello, DynamoVuan.

If you’re interested in a smaller guild with helpful, social, and mature players, you may want to look at Order of the Aster. We accept both new and old players, so we’re willing to help you learn how to complete various dungeons, as well as a thing or two concerning WvW and PvP. The only issue might be the server you’re on, as we’re on Tarnished Coast.

But if you’re interested in learning more, you can message me ingame during the evening hours (US central time).

Lf an friendly Active guild

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Posted by: S h a d e.6439

S h a d e.6439

check out our post on gw2 website. We aren’t that big of a guild yet but we do activities together(u know dungeons/PvP/Bounty Hunting).

we have a couple of new players which ask for help occasionally and we are more than willing to help.

If u feel like joining just pm me here or in-game.