Looking for NA Guild

Looking for NA Guild

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Posted by: Deadnight.5948


SOR – [BURN] recruiting All time zones
International players are welcome too.

[BURN] is newer guild recruiting mature and laidback players
PVE and WVW havoc/roaming after working hours
We are looking for members to grow the guild together,
as a community.

Female friendly
Newbie Friendly
Mulit-Server Friendly

Currently on guild bounty training
New Player PVE mentoring
LvL mentoring

Prime time: 8:30p.m(+8gmt) or 5:30am server time. (SEA/OCEANIC)
Other Prime Times are subject.

Main language: English
Others: Canton, Mandarin.

Highly recommend:
-Just want to have a fun and good time in WvW (nothing too hardcore)
-Sociable people who want to make new friends.
-Casual PVE and fractals.
-People who are new to this game.

Try us for a week, if we’re not a good fit for you we’ll understand. It’s about the person, not the numbers.

Send me a mail if you are interested.

Looking for NA Guild

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Posted by: iAddison.3291


No thank you. Prime time, SEA/OCEANIC?
I prefer an NA Guild. I bet you never even read my thread.

Looking for NA Guild

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Posted by: Neksis Syxx.6983

Neksis Syxx.6983

Hi iAddison,

You sound you’d be perfect for our guild: we welcome players new to the game, we are looking for players who are going to be in it for the long-term, and we definitely want someone who is going to be bringing their own friendly demeanor, lack of drama, and desire for community to mix with our own.

I can say with experience that guilds that drift from one game to the next always seem to shrink with each new shiny game that rolls down the pike. Eventually, everyone inevitably moves on. Our guild is a Guild Wars 2 guild and always will be.

Don’t worry about your schedule with regards to our guild. We all have lives and responsibilities that pull us away from the game; our guild always holds to the credo that real life always comes first and when you can and cannot play will never be held against you.

About us:

Just Us Grown ups [JUGs] is a very friendly, drama-free guild which is comprised of people 30 yr.s old and older (our min. age is 25).

We are on the Jade Quarry server which is one of the three top-ranked servers for WvW. It’s also a high population PvE server and players from all other servers come to ours to participate in it’s events.

We have an even mix of male and female players and welcome both new and veteran players. We place a high value on community. We have a great website and a fully upgraded guild of over 100 members.

Here is our recruiting post on these forums.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a PM and, regardless if it’s with us, we wish you all the best in finding a guild to call home.


Just Us Grown Ups [JUGs] – http://jugs-guild.com
Contact: Neksis Syxx.6983 Archranis.2375

Looking for NA Guild

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Posted by: WarHawk.1892


Hahaha love this recruit’s thread, maybe ‘cause its 5am, but you made me laugh. I hope you find what you’re looking for soon

Commander Pintsize
No Fear is Folly; Persevering over Fear is Couragous

Looking for NA Guild

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Posted by: LLunatic.5280


Hey again iAddison. I sent you a PM :P you should read it.

Guild Master Forbidden
Come check us out!

Looking for NA Guild

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Posted by: xinglam.1857


Hey Addison. It sounds like you’ve had bad luck in the past.

I’m not sure what exactly I can say to catch your attention since our guild is fairly new. (We formed last August) However, the people in my guild are long time friends and we plan on staying together, even if we decide to play other games in the future.

The guild I’m in isn’t the largest, and we don’t have the same kind of upgrades other guilds do, but we’re very active, and like to play together in everything we do. We’re based in NA. (PST mostly)

Basically, we’re a group of friends more than anything. If you decide to check us out, feel free to visit our website! – http://www.coostorybro.com

Hope you find that long term guild you’re looking for!

-Xing (Kun Ji / Curious Quaggan)

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Looking for NA Guild

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Posted by: Polly Wogger.9716

Polly Wogger.9716

Uber Noobz. (NooB) is looking for new and seasoned players to join our guild.

About us:
NooBs is an established guild whose founders originated in Guild Wars 1 and have been around since launch.

Our main goal is to relax and have fun with the game, not create a second job for people. Therefore, the guild is easy going and we welcome players of all skill levels, experience, and time spent in game. We have no explicit age requirements, rules, or lengthy application processes. That being said, if you are not comfortable with either a guild that likes joking around or hearing a couple curse words here and there, we may not be the best fit for you.

What we have to offer:
»Currently 150+ members and growing, most of our members are on evening and weekends. We work hard to help our members meet and exceed their in-game goals.

»Dungeon Crawling: We have people able to run any type of dungeon (fotm up to lvl 20) including the typical speed runs and don’t mind teaching new members.

»Active Ventrilo: Speaking is not required.

»Events & Activities: Active world boss participation, living story event participation, guild bonuses/banner, guild events.

»Guild missions: We run Guild Bounty, Guild Rush, and Guild Treks every weekend so that our members may enjoy the benefits of guild commendations. With continued growth we will work towards unlocking other guild missions as well, until such time we also run bounties, rushes, puzzles and challenges with our alliance guild.

»Experienced leaders: Our leaders and officers are veteran Guild Wars players with multiple max level characters of all races and classes able to answer questions and offer assistance.

For recruitment you need simply hit us up online http://noobz.guildportal.com, https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubernoobz, or send a message in-game to myself (Wogger) or one of other other recruiters: Phyxius Animus, Soulreaver the Rizn, Snippitee, CW, Type O Negative, Furioushobo, or Achuhu.

Looking for NA Guild

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Posted by: Neksis Syxx.6983

Neksis Syxx.6983

Welcome to [JUGs] Addison!


Just Us Grown Ups [JUGs] – http://jugs-guild.com
Contact: Neksis Syxx.6983 Archranis.2375

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Looking for NA Guild

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Posted by: SeeingBlue.8453



If you are looking for a structured multi-game community you can call home then I invite you to review Great Architect. Instead of giving some TL:DR article, I have provided some key points below.

Our Community

  • Stormbluff Isles – We are active on SBI, but allow guesting. Don’t forget you can delete all your chars for a free transfer.
  • Mature – Our ages range from 18 – 30+.
  • Active – Recruiting all time zones. We have 60+ members. Most active around 10PM+- EST.
  • Website – Our site is hosted by Enjin. Used to share information and promote our events.
  • Community Oriented – We are community first, guild second. We look for community members.
  • Voice Comms – We use Mumble & Enjin chat via Overwolf overlay to communicate across multiple games.
  • Live Streamers – We promote our Twitch streamers. Our streamers often do giveaways.
  • Newbie Friendly – We are very helpful and always welcome new players.

In-Game Activity

  • WvW – Weekly WvW night. We run in small groups.
  • sPvP – Not much sPvP activity but we will support anyone wanting to start a team.
  • Leveling – We often team up with and help our lower levels.
  • Dungeons – Eager to run Dungeons, often done nightly.
  • Fractals – Same as above. Our most active runners are nearly level 10+.
  • World Bosses – We often report active bosses and kill most of them on a nightly basis.
  • Missions – Actively unlocking missions.
  • Representing – We do not require 100% representation, but atleast 75+-%.

I believe this covers just about everything. If you have any questions feel free to mail me in-game. You may also submit an application at http://greatarchitect.us

Thank you,
-Great Architect Admin

Great Architect | Casual PvX [WvW, sPvP, Dungeons, World Bosses, Living Story]
Multi-Game | Mumble | Live Streamers | Newbie Friendly

Looking for NA Guild

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Posted by: Gixxerkid.6714


see if this catches your interests

to put things as clear as day
this following link is and extension to our guild page
right away u will see what the guild is primarily focused on.
some first look info about guild
Members 40 currently
active of those members upwards of 15-25.
Some run dungeons daily and check guild chat when forming a party before posting a LFG I included.
Each of us are friendly and have our strengths in certain toons. as well as personal preference for builds
Rep is not absolutely necessary as some have other guilds they reap while in a WvW zerg me being one of them.
Guild ranks are givin as they are requested. be sure if u ask for a guild rank you are capable of providing for whichever guild rank requested.
Ranks are
Non Rep: Self explanitory updated daily.
New Hoh: For most new Entry
Loayal Hoh: Given to those who Rep 100%
Contributor: For those who Purchase influence for the guild
Guild Recruiter: Permitted among Request
Guild Upgrader: same as above
Overseer: must show that you are capable of watching over all others below you. includes watch over qued upgrades and queing upgrades as provided.
Last but not least if you want to join a guild u need to be willing to converse with other guildies, otherwise we are just a bunch of people in a group not utilizing what makes a guild a pleasure to be in.
Contact Me, My Co-leader , or Recruiters. game name Provided below
If you have an interest of joining the vastly growing HoH’s
In-Game mail is preferd for a request.
(Leader)Me: Gixxy Miggsy
(Co-Leader) Winry: Aryna Yasha
(Guild Recruiter’s) Alure Fireheart, Caliber, Seccanessa

Looking for NA Guild

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Posted by: Amy.6427


Hello iAddison,

If you are still looking for a guild, please read the following:

M4D Mad for Destruction is an International PC Gaming community which covers many genre of gameplay in aspects of casual and competitive.
[MAD] is the communities GW2 guild on Blackgate server, we are a free-spirited group of fun loving MMORPG enthusiasts. Our current focus is more PVE directed, yet we have weeks/months where we all PVP/WvWvW non-stop. We are composed of many veteran players to an increasing number of beginners, its very seldom that someone is singled out (solo) unless they choose to.
We run our schedule on Eastern Standard Time, although our members pepper the continents, as server times are irrelevant to the community.
Our schedule of activities currently consists of:
Guild Mission on Saturday Night 11:30est. We have Bounty, Rush, and Treck unlocked with Challenge currently outsourced to an Asuran Krewe.
Guild Bounty Training Wednesday Night 9:30est.
Insert your idea here any other night of the week!
Additionally we pick nights to run Arah or work on specific members Dungeon Master Achiev.
Bottom line is we utilize the most of GW2 to have a good time within the company of good people.
We have three simple day to day rules, all else use common sense.
Represent [MAD] 100% (exceptions exist)
Log into Teamspeak to interact with your community when ingame
Be active on our website, vote every day

If you are over the age of 18, interested and you would like to check us out you can visit our website m4dgaming.com and register or you can contact madmax.1360, faytth.8947, genocide.6408 via ingame mail or whisper.

I hope you have yourself a wonderful day!

World: Sanctum of Rall
Guild: [FKL]
Main Character: Amanda Lockheart/80/Thief

Looking for NA Guild

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Posted by: revx.4378


Hi There iAddision,

Perhaps I might interest you in my guild, Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers [PMS], which is situated on Yak’s Bend. We’re a small group, with about 15 active, so you’ll definitely get to know everyone quite quickly.

You can get more details about us from this forum post or you can go directly to our website.

If you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to shoot me a PM here or in game.

Take care, and happy travels!

PMS|H2O Guild Wars 2 Division Co-Leader

Looking for NA Guild

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Posted by: takkattak.1974


Hey there!

Jaded [Jade] is a fairly well established casual PvX guild that has been on Darkhaven since launch.

Our leaders have a lot of experience with mmos and have been together for years. We are a family-style guild looking to form long-term friendships through PvE and PvP. We have a brand new website! a Facebook and a vent (however we use the server teamspeak for wvw).

We are looking for people who want to have fun and hang out together. We like to have an active chat and a community of helpful members that are willing to go out of their way for each other.

Even if you aren’t on Darkhaven you can still hang out in guild chat with us, guest with us now and then or run some dungeons cross server until you feel we are worth the transfer :p

Things you can expect from joining Jaded:
*friendly guildies
*scheduled events every night to give you something to do
*dungeon parties
*A friendly coordinated wvw crew that’s always willing to teach
*a private Spvp server
*guild trek, bounty and rush, challenge and puzzles every week
*new friends
*an abnormal love (and hate) for Quaggans

Some of our Guild Boosts include:
*10% Magic Find boost at all times
*15% Karma Boost on Mondays
*+5 supply on WvW night

Things we do regularly
WvW – We run in small 10-15 man groups 2 nights a week and regularly have people willing to run together on other nights.
sPvP – We have our own spvp server and we looking into scheduling in guild tournaments and we regularly have a few people to run matches with.
Leveling – We are always willing to help out and teach our jadertots <3.
Exploration –Jumping puzzles, orr map completion or anything else we are always up for it. Jumping puzzle races are also a huge hit with our members.
Dungeons – We have a scheduled dungeon night weekly to focus on some of the paths that are harder to get good groups for and most nights you can find a party in guild for other paths.
Fractals – We have a fractals night weekly as well, our players vary in level from 1-40.
World Events – We are always running out to the dragons or other world bosses and we do the Orr temples weekly for fun and loot.
Missions – All of our missions are unlocked and we do them every sunday night.

Jaded has 150 members mostly comprised of people between the ages of 18 and 81. We are most active during North American evenings. check out our calendar on our website to see our schedule of weekly events.

If we sound like the right home for you apply on our website or try to get a hold of us in game

Takiya Delyll
Arentide Delyll
Luto Locke

Hope to see you in game

Takiya Delyll — Mesmer
Jaded [JADE] co-leader